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Why Did Nick Cancel Winx?

22 Jul
Why did Nick cancel Winx?


Hi, there. Today I’m going to ask this simple question, but the real reason is deep inside the history of Winx in the North American market and the United Kingdom.

Before we can go to the Nickelodeon years we have to go through the history of the both eras.

At the 2004 toy fair, Iginio Straffi is approached by 4kids and Mattel to bring his show to the US. Winx Club premiered in June ’04 to great ratings for being the only girl oriented show on the block. 4kids did trims and cuts to the story, but unexpecting viewers didn’t find until
the fan subtitles after the show was canceled in 2007.

After the season finale in December, Mattel released 7 inch dolls based on the series. They came with a DVD showing a sneak peak at the show and a summary by Bloom about the characters. They were a big hit during the x-mas season.

Before the second season premiered in September, the Miguzi block on Cartoon Network aired the show during the summer of ’05, this was great to introduce new viewers into the show, they also aired season 2 and 3 before the block went off the air.

New dolls featuring the Winx and their pixies came out and weren’t as popular as last year. They were typically hard to find since retailers put the dolls to the back of the shelves.

4kids got the third season earlier than Italy, they did not have enough money to hire translators so then they used the rai English script.
The first couple of episodes were more faithful than before but Rainbow was fed up with the butchering of content. Finally in the fall of ’07 4kids aired the last episode of season 3 as a “series finale”

This period of time I’d like to call “the Winx online renaissance” Even when back in 2009 when we didn’t have English dub of season four,
An awesome dude called BanjoGate subbed the entire series. And for Bloggers we got: Winx Fairies, Una Di Noi and many more. I can’t remember, but this was a good era.

In February the online Winxers got an rude awakening when Viacom announced that they would buying 30% percent of Rainbow.

We divided when the news came.

One wanted Rainbow to be free, One wanted just to watch Winx Club on TV.

Well honestly that didn’t happen once the retooled, fancy smancy Winx Club came on. Man people were shocked of plain nostalgia draw in really good ratings. LIKE SPONGEBOB RATINGS. And Nick kicked Disney’s butt that weekend. It all came for a price.

Once again we came divided:

4kids, Rai English and Nick fans.

What astonishes me is that together we did great fanart, writing, videos. These same group of people managed to cuss each other out, and I think killed this this amazing place on the net where you find the most encouraging, kind people on the planet. Sorry to get preachy, but this means a lot to me and I don’t want to make it personal.

Anyway, let’s talk about Nick and it’s short attention span for less than stellar ratings, it’s the poor marketing!

Example: iCarly. Remember when Nick was obsessed with this show? I do. So I’m a fan of iCarly and they’re this big love triangle that’s in show, so I don’t know what happened to it, they started marketing the episodes as “movies” and this is when it was at the peak of popularity so they did good but later Nick had the audacity to NOT advertise the show and expect the “movie” to do good. The last season had 6 episodes.

The rai English fans treated Nick like it was king: 4kids: treated like dirt. The only way we got along was to bash Nick for its changes.

The show premiered on the nickelodeon event, “Nickelodeon: Epic Summer. All the new shows got cancelled before the end of 2011.

Well almost all.


Winx Turns 10

29 Jan

Yesterday, marked the first time Winx aired ever!
Since then, characters have been introduced, killed off, brought back (Nabu, Daphne)
Whoah, Sure has been an exciting ten years!

Q: What Did You Find In Winx That You Loved?


30 Jul

Well I’m back and will be posting soon.images

So expect more of me.


Would You Rewrite Season Five?

27 Jun

Hi everybody, When I was on Una Di Noi recently I saw some comments about rewriting season five so I decided to make my post about this. Enjoy!

If I would rewrite season five the Trix would be alone, Maybe a female villain to join them but betray them when their plan fails, Bloom would be poisoned so Roxy takes her spot. Bloom is in some mind prison where all people are scared, Bloom tries to talk to them but she gets ignored. Bloom tries to act weak so they would notice as one of their own.

Meanwhile, Roxy is fighting ghouls and she gets confronted by the female villain, Roxy recognizes her as a alfea dropout and they fight. Tecna is hacking a computer to locate the trix’s crystals, A message, a riddle shows up and the Winx have to solve the riddle. The clue is Diaspro’s Family jewel and the Winx need it or Bloom dies. Bloom jumps out of her body to take Icy’s to confront Diaspro. Bloom confronts her, Diaspro doesn’t know it’s Bloom so she gets scared, Bloom proves It’s her by talking in her voice. Bloom tells her the story, Diaspro hesitates but gives it to her.

Darcy and Stormy come fight Bloom (in Icy’s body) Diaspro gets badly hurt so Bloom decides to join Daphne and die, but before(those things that gave the Winx lovix and sophix.) give Bloom and Diaspro Sirenix so they can live and they defeat the Trix again. Bloom brings Daphne back to life.

So maybe a bit out there but I want your opinion! Comment on your idea and follow Siamo Le Winx

Featured Story: Magic Winx Fanfictionix

27 Jun

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the long hiatus, But Siamo le Winx is back!

I am going to start with a post that is about a story I recommend, It’s called Magic Winx Fanfictionix by Akela Victoire, The link is here I love it because It parodies many fan fiction cliches that you see very often, Examples: Mary Sues, Next Gen fics, AU fics, Unreliable narrators and more.

Bloom was cornered by the Trix witches in Magix. All alone.

The other members of the Winx Club were nowhere to be found.

Once again, Bloom found herself alone in Magix and cornered by the Trix. Because it’s always them who cause trouble.

No one else.

There is no one else who would possibly want the power she has, want to kill her so she can’t stop their nefarious plans or get revenge against her of some sort.

Always the Trix…

“You know, I get a sense of déjà vu from this…” Darcy commented.

Bloom of Domino, Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame aka the most powerful magic in the universe, found herself beaten by the witches again.

Never mind the fact that she kicked serious ass at the Battle of Alfea…

“Well, well, well. Here we are again, Bloom. Not even your mighty Dragon’s Flame can help you now!” Icy cackled a very evil cackle now.

“Perhaps you should give it up to someone who can handle it!” Stormy smiled a slasher smile.

With that, the three witches raised their hands to attack once again, but were suddenly blasted away by a large ball of fire.

When it cleared, another fairy stood between the Trix and Bloom.

She was gorgeous, with long, thick, luxurious wavy auburn hair with a golden tiara holding it up in a high ponytail and bright emerald green eyes- that changed colours. She was perfectly tanned and had a perfect figure and perfectly pink lips and makeup.

Her perfect frilly multi-layered backless knee-length dress was lilac, pink, gold and white, looking like something that a children’s doll or perhaps a ballerina would be wearing.

Her perfect wings were a gorgeous rose colour dotted with white and gold and judging by their size and shape, she was an Enchantix fairy.

“Stay away from Bloom, you evil Trix!” She cried- perfectly.

“Or what?” Icy snapped.

“Or this! Dragon’s Fury!” The girl roared.

Her hair whipped around her head as she rose her arms above her head and immediately sent the Trix into oblivion.

Bloom stood up weakly, detransforming as she did.

“Who are you and how were you able to use the Dragon Fire?” She asked cautiously.

“Bloom, is that any way to talk to your older sister?” the older fairy held out her arms as if to give her a hug.

“Wait, what?” Bloom backed away, eyes widening.

Screech stop.

“I’m your long, lost sister, Bloom!”

And the car just crashed.

“What? I don’t have a sister. Daphne is my only sister!” Bloom cried.

“No, she’s not. She sent away two young fairies from Domino that fateful day when our home world was destroyed…” The mysterious female wiped away a crystal tear from her kaleidoscope eyes.

“You’re crazy” Bloom fired off a fireball, but the mysterious and somewhat creepy woman flicked it away as if it were a mere fly.

“No, I’m not crazy. You’re my baby sister, Bloom. Daphne was the oldest, I was the middle and you were the youngest!”

“Why are you just coming to me then?” Bloom raised an eyebrow.

“I was sent away to a distant realm with no way of remembering fully what had happened that fateful day…” The older fairy said wistfully.

“Then I kept having these dreams that told me to find someone who looked like you. The dream also showed me visions of a young woman, a young child and a little baby. Daphne, me and you, Bloom…” She smiled.

“Uh-huh…” Bloom was still in doubt. “And you haven’t told me your name either?”

She giggled. “How silly of me! How could I expect to get to know my sister and she doesn’t even know my name?”

“My name is Alysyn Saskue Ruby Phoenix Raven Scarlette Hilton-Kardashian.”

Bloom’s eyes practically bulged out of her head at hearing her supposed sister’s name.

“Wh-what kind of a name is that?” Bloom whispered.

“Certainly not a Mary-Sue name, that’s for sure!” Alysyn chuckled.

“Really now?” Bloom thought.

“Now come on. We’re sisters. We share the Dragon’s Fire- and yet I’m still more powerful than you!”

Just then, a collection of evil villains who wanted their powers or revenge came up to attack them, but Alysyn flicked them all away effortlessly with a sweep of fire.


Bloom’s jaw dropped.

“Now let’s go back to Alfea and I’m sure they’ll be able to fix you up.”

“No. No way in hell am I going anywhere with you. People call me a Mary-Sue? They obviously haven’t met you!” Bloom stood up and transformed.

“Forget this! I am so out of here!” Bloom flew away as quickly as her wings could carry her.

At this, Alysyn Saskue Ruby Phoenix Raven Scarlette Bailey-Hilton sunk to the ground wailing.

“Why does everyone always abandon me?” She cried.

Yep, all the stories about Bloom’s long lost relative do get annoying after a while…

Did you like it? You can request more stories in the comments or at my email, which is

Your Opinion: Judging A Book By It’s Cover

7 Jun

 You have probably heard of this and I will credit OP= Oblivious Prattler for inspiring me to make this article! 

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When people criticize Winx they usually put it in one category- Slutty Merchandise.
This a is example of Critical Research Failure (yes, I am a troper) and in some of these articles they really don’t know what they are talking about. Look at this:

New examples of the sexualization of girlhood crop up all the time. Of

course there are the dolls that look like Sesame Streetwalkers — Monster High, Winx Club, Bratz…

Okay,and I will show you a another quote:

The program in question is called ‘Winx Club,’ with some strange additional ‘Believix’ designation. I do not pretend to understand anything about it. It seems to involve fairies.

The guy who wrote this- Russell Saunders actually commented on Una Di Noi Here is the comment:

Well, just to clarify a couple of things.

First of all, I’m not really a journalist. I’m just a guy with a politics/medicine/general interest blog.

The quote that’s linked above (and I’m not too proud to admit I’m delighted to have been noticed around here) is from a post I did that has a tongue-in-cheek element that doesn’t really come through out of context, and probably wouldn’t come across to people who don’t read the blog regularly. It comes off as more dismissive above than it’s meant to be.In any case, I will admit that I’ve not seen the show, largely because it’s on regular Nickelodeon and I don’t let my son watch television with commercials yet. My daughter is still an infant, and when she’s old enough I’m sure I’ll have no problem letting her watch. But I’m sorry, I really do think those outfits are far too skimpy, and are consistent with a manner of dress that’s too mature for little girls. Perhaps that’s prudish, but there you have it.

Here is the comment he was replying to:

To be honest, the Believix comment is what angers me the most. That commenter could have watched the show to see what Believix is, or even gone on the Winx Wikipedia page..I hate it when people don’t even bother with getting to know the canon. People, if you have to criticize us, at least do some basic research beforehand. I’m not angry at them because they criticize them. I’m angry because they don’t even follow basic journalism rules.-Ophira

Here is another comment that was replying to the first one;

Also, just to clarify, I’m a parent of 2 girls ages 8 and 2. I’ve watched Winx Club with my daughters. I would suggest actually watching a show before commenting on just the clothing aspects of it. It’s not the sort of approach you’d want your child to take right? Just to judge something by how it looks?

Why not just use the DVR to record a few episodes and fast forward through the commercials since you don’t want to over materialize your child? -Meggy81

Russell Saunders replied again to Meggy81;

Well, no. I’m not making broad judgments about the show based just on the outfits. I’m quite willing to accept the possibility that it’s a perfectly lovely program that communicates valuable lessons in a fun and relatable way. That’s certainly the impression I get from the comments here.

But the way the program draws viewers is through its ads. The burden is on the show’s creators to communicate what it’s about, not on me to research it. And the first thing I notice in the ads, beyond the magic powers and flying around and such, is that the characters are all drawn with impossibly unrealistically perfect bodies and wearing very revealing clothing.

Well then OP replied with:

The ads do communicate what the show’s about: magic, friendship, and adventure. That’s what they emphasize. But as I said in part II of my article, kids don’t notice the same things we do. (I’m twenty-four years old, by the way.)

As an adult, you see the characters and immediately notice their revealing clothes and impossible body proportions. A child wouldn’t see those things unless they understood the concept of unrealistic beauty. Sometimes, it’s the parents that “expose” their kids to it without intending to, simply by bringing it to their attention. As they say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Now in the case of a child who is aware, you would need to address their thoughts. That’s why knowing your child is important.

I agree that companies need to take responsibility for how their characters are portrayed. But does it make sense to believe they’re all part of some sort of conspiracy to sexualize children? I can tell you for sure that’s not the goal of Winx Club.

Before I end this post I will show you a couple comments On Russell’s Blog

Look, I GREW up (as apposed to most of you) watching this show as a child, and believe me I watched it periodically. I was about 9-10 years old when I started watching Winx Club on 4Kids, and I loved the show (what girl wouldn’t love a show about magical fairies kicking the butts of enemies/awesome plot/great morals about friendship, loyalty, and justice?). Look, now I’m ranting.
Yes I agree that the girls are dressed a little skimpy, but not in the way you loonatics proclaim it to be. When I watched the show as a child I never viewed the girls as sexualized objects, and I did not grow up watching it saying “Oh gosh, I want to dress how they do!” I was more concerned about watching my favourite fairies kick monster butt. Just because adults see the show as “sexualized”, does not mean children do too (in fact most of them don’t).
Frankly, who would watch a show about fairies dressed in full outfits from the 1800′s? I would not blame children’s shows for telling girls how to dress; blame your female pop sensations such as Nicki Minaj, Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, etc etc. they are much more

English: Nicki Minaj at 2010 MTV Video Music A...

English: Nicki Minaj at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

influential on kids than these shows. Kids don’t pay attention to the outfits in a way that makes them want to dress like them.
Please, you all need to give your heads a shake. I was a child growing up watching the show, and I would just like to point out that the outfits the girls wore did not influence what I wore as a kid. Children are not being affected by what the Winx Girls wear, only the nazi-parents that shadow their children from these shows because they view it as too “sexualized”, and they constantly tell their kids “don’t dress in this sexualized manner”. Seriously, I grew up watching Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Winx Club, Bratz, etc etc, and these shows in no way dictated to me how I should dress. Plus, I never turned out like a “streetwalker” that you claim the girls are dressed as.
Shame on whoever(s) wrote this. You aren’t children, so sure you may automatically see the girls as sexual objects, but kids think differently. I was one of these kids, and I will emphasize it again that I WAS NOT influenced to dress like the Winx Club girls.-TruthTeller

Some dude replied with:

 Look, I GREW up (as apposed to most of you)

True enough.

Russell replied with;

Thanks for your perspective, TT.

I think there’s a lot of daylight between dressing cartoon characters in tiny, skin-tight garments and wanting them to be wearing petticoats. And I’m not planning on prohibiting my kids from watching this show, though I’m still trying to keep them away from television with commercials for as long as possible. Finally, I agree that, were I inclined to pin blame for little girls wanting to dress like Rihanna, I would pin it on Rihanna.

That said, I don’t know if I think it’s entirely sound to generalize from your experience to everyone. Just because you don’t perceive yourself to have been influenced by the attire of the characters on this show doesn’t mean that nobody would be. How concerned anyone should be about that potential is obviously up for debate, but I don’t think you can dismiss that potential out of hand.

Question: Do you hate when people don’t do the research? 

Draw Your Own Winx Contest Cancelled

7 Jun

Due to no entries at all, I decided to cancel the Draw your own Winx contest. Why I will not postpone the contest is I gave a reasonable date = one week. I’m really worried that the poll I sent out did nothing to find out your tastes in contests.


Question: Do you only come here for Caption Contests? Be Honest.

Winx Movie Contest

6 Jun

Hi this is Saffron , With good news!

Remember that poll from last week? Well now can you put in your entry for the first Winx Movie Contest! The last contest I did I made a mistake. I didn’t tell you where to post your entry and I kinda rushed a bit. But you can send your entry at my email which is after posting to youtube.



Anything, If you have a Mac you can use iMovie or if you have Windows, Windows Movie Maker.


You can go to veoh or get youtube to video downloader.

Here are some videos for inspiration:

What Do You Want To See In The Future?

1 Jun

The authors of Siamo Le Winx would like to make your visits to our blog more memorable and enjoyable! We will start by releasing a poll on what kind of contests you would like to see on Siamo Le Winx! Please vote!