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Another My Two Cents on Winx Club: The Good, The Bad, and How the Re-release is Similar to Sailor Moon.

10 Sep

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First, let me just clarify that I liked the old Winx Club version better (sure there were cuts, but it’s the voices and the dialogue that kept coming back even though Tecna had a British accent and Musa rapped a lot) I do watch the 4kids and Rai Eng (seasons 1-3). Also, the animation brings back a lot of memories, and who could forget part of the theme song?

Magical Flowers
Digital Powers
Rhythms and Tunes
The Sun and the Moon
Magic shapes and shifting Tides
and the fire burning deep inside

Sure the preview for the one hour special back in 2012 was redone with computers and flash, but it may not always be a good substitute for traditional animation.

The 4kids version reminds me of DIC’s Sailor Moon version.

Fighting evil by moonlight.
Winning love by daylight.
Never running from a real fight.
She is the one named…

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