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Rant About Riven’s Departure That Will Never End In My Head

29 Aug


Uh-uh. NUH-UH!!! Nickbow, you did NOT do what I think you just did. And to think I didn’t know until now. How COULD you?! How could you get rid of Riven, probably one of the most interesting guys in Winx Club? Not only that. How did you get rid of him? You made him and Musa, my favorite ever couple, break up! Indefinitely? You’d better hope not. You don’t know how I screamed. And I’m still screaming. What were you thinking? Riven and Musa have been together since the beginning, and NOW you break them up? You just had to get the fans attached, and then you just ship him off?! Unless this is all part of your plan. Make him go away for half a season, and then he comes back changed for good. Good enough to be with Musa again. I mean, do you really want all your hard work to go to waste? All the moments they broke up and then got back together, Riven improving each time? What happened to “Stronger side by side, yeah we’re better in harmony-ny. I know I belong with you. Your music sets me free.”(“One To One“)? That moment marked him changing, at least a little. He learned guitar just for Musa!

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Think I’m alone in this situation? Think again. Take a look at comments from some of the “One To One” videos on YouTube. Click on them to enlarge. 🙂

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Ugh, at least I’m not alone. But, I have faith that you will bring Riven back because he is such an important character, and Orlando will go once Riven gets back. ORLANDO, the MINSTREL. Speaking of him, it’s a no from me. No one will replace Riven but Riven himself. I pray that Orlando is just a minor character like Roy was. Or maybe he’s evil. Please be that. But honestly, he seriously looks like Brandon 2.0 to me. And that just means Brandon with longer hair. UGH, I HATE HIM!!! Please get rid of him by the end of season 7 at most!

Brandon 2.0  -_-

Brandon 2.0  -_-

And I have some ideas on how to bring Riven back like you meant to do it all along(or maybe you did), Nickbow.

  1. Make him the antagonist for Season 7 or 8, breaking Musa’s heart. Then, in one of the end episodes for Season 7, just as he’s about to kill Musa, she cries a single tear, and he remembers all the times he made her cry and goes back to normal. In the experience, he should’ve changed, and they get back together again.
  2. In one of Season 7 or 8’s episodes, put Musa in danger where none of her friends or Orlando can help her, and have a stranger on a motorcycle with a helmet swoop in and rescue her. He would try to get away after she’s safe, but she uses her powers to knock of his helmet, revealing that it’s Riven. Since he failed to save her in the episode they broke up, this should make sense in the process of them getting back together. And since in this case Orlando couldn’t save her, he surrenders her over to Riven.
  3. Make Orlando the antagonist at the end of Season 7, showing he was hiding his evil all along, and have Riven come back with newly honed abilities and ultimately defeat him, earning Musa back. Riven’s personality should be altered for the positive, also.
  4. You could always just bring him back, changed, and have him do something huge for Musa, making her pick between Riven and Orlando. But to accomplish that, you should make Orlando and Musa have problems too. If not, maybe she could just not like him because he’s too perfect. Remember how she fell for Riven? Not because he was perfect. Because he was mysterious and hard to get. She liked that.

Plus, Nickbow, many fans are upset. You know it’s best to bring Riven back and have him and Musa get back together. It’s not like it’s not believable for him to come back. He didn’t die like Nabu did. All I’m asking is to bring Riven back with Musa. If you want to get rid of someone, get rid of Sky. Please. Thank you. I am comforted only in the fact that Riven’s goodbye suggested temporary.

Question: Do you think Riven will come back? Do you want Riven to come back? Riven or Orlando? Any suggestions to Nickbow for bringing him back? Thoughts on Orlando?

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