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How To Make Your Winx OC

29 Nov

Hey, fairies! A great idea for a boring day during breaks is to make your own Winx OC! For those who don’t know what an OC is, it is an original character, hence the abbreviation. I am fairly new at this, as I just started a few days ago, but it is very fun for me. 🙂 Anyways, I think a good app to use for the drawing of your OC is You Doodle Plus, which is what I use. It has lots of great patterns and lets you draw on top of Winx bases, using the “edit a photo” option in the app.


Making your OC with the You Doodle Plus app is very easy, and doesn’t take very long. You’ll be very happy with the results, and you can even share your creation on a website like DeviantART. just be sure to credit whoever made the base you, and add a watermark so nobody will steal it. If you upload your OC on DeviantART, share with me the link below! Here is mine:


Be sure to check out my DeviantART page, please! 🙂


Is Rainbow Ever Settling Down?

26 Nov


Hey, guys! As you can see in the title, this post is dedicated to the question of Rainbow S.R.L ever settling down with one company. First Rainbow started with 4Kids, making episodes with them until about the middle of Season 3. This came as a disappointment to the fans of Winx. Then, they decided to go to Nickelodeon, whom they created episodes with until the end of Season 6. After deciding they weren’t satisfied, they broke it up with Nickelodeon, leaving us all Winxless right now. We fans are expecting for the inevitable, and the inevitable is that Rainbow is going to do what they have been doing with different companies until the end of Winx. Or at least until they and we finally feel like the company they found fulfills our Winx desires. This is what we all want, but we can’t know for sure if this will ever happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Question: Do you think Rainbow is ever settling down with one company?

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Caption Contest #4

22 Nov


Hello, fairies! Ready for exciting news? I think I now have more time and inspiration to post on this blog more often, so I’m starting up a contest maybe long forgotten. The Caption Contests are back! Be sure to check it out and enter here!

Winx Avatar Is Back!

19 Nov

Hey, guys! Have you heard? The Winx avatar is back on the official Winx website! Isn’t that awesome! I, for one, have been waiting forever. Now that it’s back, first you can create your account. If you have an old account like me, you get a sweet heart bonus! Then customize your avatar, using your hearts to unlock new accessories. Then explore the site and play games to earn stars and climb your way up to the top of the list of top players! So what are you waiting for? Go to the Winx site now, and make your own avatar! Here’s mine:


Upload and share a link of yours below! 🙂


8 Nov

Hi guys, it’s Sweetbreeze Tornado here. Sorry for not posting in a long time, but I was busy with this project I’m about to tell you about! I’M RECREATING MUSA AND TECNA JAKKS HARMONIX DOLLS!!!! Heads-up: My recreation will not be 100% accurate to the JAKKS preview, but some may be leaning towards the accuracy of the show, or just my own (re)creation. 🙂Featured image

And also a DAPHNE CORPOREAL SIRENIX DOLL! And MYTHIX COLLECTION!!! Wish me luck, everyone! Oh, and same here, Daphne doll will not be 100% accurate to the show. Mythix will not be 100% accurate to the show nor JAKKS preview, but I promise you they’ll be just as great. And plus, I’m not creating the actual doll, I’m using an existing doll as a base and make the outfit myself. These will be shown to you in July/August 2015 when I buy the dolls. Sorry, long wait. XD

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