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Fan Of The Month

30 Jul

This month’s “Fan Of The Month” is… Hilary Atabay! Administrator of the newest Winx blog, Hilareeh Winx, she’s a super Winx fan! In fact, every Winx blogger is! Welcome to the Winx community, Hilary! Check back next month to see if you’re the next “Fan Of The Month”!


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30 Jul

Well I’m back and will be posting soon.images

So expect more of me.


A Magical Vacation

26 Jul

Hey, guys! I wanted to let you know that I’ll be heading to Cancun, Mexico from July 31 – August 6! This is my first time out of America, so I’m really excited! Tons of new posts will be coming at you when I am back, so just check my blog on August 7 or August 8! See you then!

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Song Choice For Winx Music Video

26 Jul

Hey, fairies! You Winx fans have decided the song choice for my upcoming Winx music video! And the lucky song is… “Put Your Hearts Up” By: Ariana Grande! If your favorite song out of the five did not get picked, don’t worry, I will use those songs for the next videos! I have already started the video and have finished about one minute of the video. It will be finished very soon! Thank you to all who voted!


Harmonix Wallpapers

22 Jul

Hi! Remember I promised you some Harmonix & Sirenix wallpapers if you participated in the W.N.L.C and sent a copy of your letter to me? Well, here they are! At least, the Harmonix ones. The Sirenix ones will come later, for they require more work and time. But they are definitely worth waiting for! I’ve already finished the Musa one, and I think it looks great! I included two prototypes of the Musa and Tecna Harmonix wallpapers in case you wanted to use them! Enjoy! I hope you like them! P.S. Click on them for the full size! 🙂

Harmonix Wallpapers







Musa & Tecna Harmonix Wallpaper Prototypes


Sunday Funday: Do You Love, Dislike, Or Hate Bloom?

21 Jul

I discovered a bunch of articles ranting on about how they hate Bloom. I, personally, don’t hate her, but as you’ve seen numerous times, I’ve expressed that I strongly dislike her. But I do have my reasons, of course! What about you? Do you love, dislike, or hate her? I will not judge your answer because this is a Sunday Funday, and as always, it is about expressing your thoughts and opinions!

"What are you looking at?"

“What are you looking at?”

Question: How do you feel about Bloom? Do you love her, dislike her, or hate her?

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Winx Sirenix Power Tops Global Charts

18 Jul

Rainbow should be celebrating because Winx Sirenix Power is topping all the charts around the world! It has already earned over 1,000,000 downloads! Winx Sirenix Power is among the most popular apps for kids in Russia, and received the acknowledgement of top new app in US, UK, Spain, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, and Turkey.

Also, I’ve found out that Tsumanga will be launching a new Winx Club multiplayer game this Christmas! I’m really looking forward to it! These apps may just be the thing to bring up Winx Club‘s ratings again!

Playwinxclubcom   Winx Sirenix Power Teaser 20 120

Question: Do you think the Winx apps can help to bring Winx Club‘s ratings back up? Are you looking forward to the new Winx multiplayer app being released at Christmastime?

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Fan Made Winx Fairies

18 Jul

I was looking at some Winx fan art and noticed some amazing fan made Winx fairies! I wanted to share some of them with you, so I looked at all of them and picked my favorites! If you want to see more Winx fan art from the creator of one of the fairies, see the credits already on the picture! Check them out below!











If you want to see more fan made Winx fairies or Winx fan art, comment about it below or email me at!

New Winx Quiz On

15 Jul


Hello! There’s a fun new Winx quiz on! It is called “What’s Your Winx Outfit?” and the description is “Take this quiz to find out which Winx outfit suits you perfectly!”. I tried it out just now, and I loved it! My result was “Band Uniform! The girls’ stage outfit is the perfect choice for you. Since you love rocking out to music and singing all night long, you’ll look right at home on stage in these duds. Dressed like this, you’ll always be ready for a spontaneous jam session!”. Take the quiz here, and tell me your result!

Question: What was your result? Did you hate the quiz or love it? Are you looking forward to more new Winx quizzes on

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Sunday Funday: How Does Your Favorite Specialist Countdown Go?

14 Jul

Hey, fairies! On my “Favorite Winx Countdown” post, I told you that for this Sunday Funday, I would make my Favorite Specialist Countdown! But, as all Sunday Fundays are about you having fun and expressing your opinion, you should also share your Favorite Specialist Countdown by commenting below! Even though Nabu was not an official Specialist, I still considered him as one because he was part of the Specialists’ group, so I will include him in the countdown.

6. untitledsky

5. untitledbrandon

4. untitledtimmy

3. untitledhelia

2. untitlednabu

1. untitledriven

Some parts of my countdown is predictable, some are not, right? But it’s obvious that Riven remains my favorite Specialist!

Question: How does your countdown go? Is my countdown a little predictable to you? If so, how?

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