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FanFiction – Musa Missing Chapter 1: Morning of Mystery

26 Jul
Hey, Siamo Le Winxers! I think now’s a good time to start posting fanfics! Let’s start with “Musa Missing”, written by Abi Morgan Musa Flora Tecna.
Musa lost her mother at a young age. But when her mother comes in her dreams and tells her the secret to bring loved ones back, everything changes!


Chapter One: Morning of Mystery

Musa’s point of view
It’s 6:30, I sigh as I peer at the crimson sunrise. My roommate, Tecna, is breathing deeply from across the room. I swing my legs off the bed and pull out an old photo from under my pillow. It is of my mum and me when I was little.
“Oh, mom,” I sigh, as Flora stumbles into the room, rubbing her eyes.
“Are you OK?” asks Flora, with a concerned look on her face.
“Yeah, just missing mom,” I say, with a grimace on my face.
“I’m going to grab a bite, want something?” the nature fairy quotes.
“Nah, I’m going to Melody today, I’ll get something there,” I shrug, as Flora leaves. I didn’t tell her about the nightmare, yet she is my friend.
Mom: “Musa, Musa, come to me, my sweet daughter,”
Me: “Mom, is it really you?”
Mom: “Yes, dearest Musa, it is me. I have found a way for us to be together again,”
Me: “Really! I’ll do anything… MOM!”
End of Flashback
Oh, I need to tell someone. I walk over to my roommate’s bed and shake her harshly.
“Tecna, Tecna WAKE UP!” I yell, as my best friend sits up suddnely.
“What is it, Musa?” The technology fairy questions, as I withdraw my arm from her shoulder.
“Just a nightmare,” I muttered wearily.
“Here, tell me about it,” My best friend gestures to the bed and pulls out her phone.


Why Did Nick Cancel Winx?

22 Jul
Why did Nick cancel Winx?


Hi, there. Today I’m going to ask this simple question, but the real reason is deep inside the history of Winx in the North American market and the United Kingdom.

Before we can go to the Nickelodeon years we have to go through the history of the both eras.

At the 2004 toy fair, Iginio Straffi is approached by 4kids and Mattel to bring his show to the US. Winx Club premiered in June ’04 to great ratings for being the only girl oriented show on the block. 4kids did trims and cuts to the story, but unexpecting viewers didn’t find until
the fan subtitles after the show was canceled in 2007.

After the season finale in December, Mattel released 7 inch dolls based on the series. They came with a DVD showing a sneak peak at the show and a summary by Bloom about the characters. They were a big hit during the x-mas season.

Before the second season premiered in September, the Miguzi block on Cartoon Network aired the show during the summer of ’05, this was great to introduce new viewers into the show, they also aired season 2 and 3 before the block went off the air.

New dolls featuring the Winx and their pixies came out and weren’t as popular as last year. They were typically hard to find since retailers put the dolls to the back of the shelves.

4kids got the third season earlier than Italy, they did not have enough money to hire translators so then they used the rai English script.
The first couple of episodes were more faithful than before but Rainbow was fed up with the butchering of content. Finally in the fall of ’07 4kids aired the last episode of season 3 as a “series finale”

This period of time I’d like to call “the Winx online renaissance” Even when back in 2009 when we didn’t have English dub of season four,
An awesome dude called BanjoGate subbed the entire series. And for Bloggers we got: Winx Fairies, Una Di Noi and many more. I can’t remember, but this was a good era.

In February the online Winxers got an rude awakening when Viacom announced that they would buying 30% percent of Rainbow.

We divided when the news came.

One wanted Rainbow to be free, One wanted just to watch Winx Club on TV.

Well honestly that didn’t happen once the retooled, fancy smancy Winx Club came on. Man people were shocked of plain nostalgia draw in really good ratings. LIKE SPONGEBOB RATINGS. And Nick kicked Disney’s butt that weekend. It all came for a price.

Once again we came divided:

4kids, Rai English and Nick fans.

What astonishes me is that together we did great fanart, writing, videos. These same group of people managed to cuss each other out, and I think killed this this amazing place on the net where you find the most encouraging, kind people on the planet. Sorry to get preachy, but this means a lot to me and I don’t want to make it personal.

Anyway, let’s talk about Nick and it’s short attention span for less than stellar ratings, it’s the poor marketing!

Example: iCarly. Remember when Nick was obsessed with this show? I do. So I’m a fan of iCarly and they’re this big love triangle that’s in show, so I don’t know what happened to it, they started marketing the episodes as “movies” and this is when it was at the peak of popularity so they did good but later Nick had the audacity to NOT advertise the show and expect the “movie” to do good. The last season had 6 episodes.

The rai English fans treated Nick like it was king: 4kids: treated like dirt. The only way we got along was to bash Nick for its changes.

The show premiered on the nickelodeon event, “Nickelodeon: Epic Summer. All the new shows got cancelled before the end of 2011.

Well almost all.


Hey guys

18 Jul

Life of an Daydreamer

So I’ve been checking up on my blog lately and I’ve decided to start posting again. So I’ve been working on a new article (it’s about winx) and I have been pondering whether I should post it to Siamo or LAD you’ll hear from me soon about that

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The Legendarium Plot (Re-post)

17 Jul

Hi, this is Sweetbreeze Tornado, from WinxBiz, and I’ve had the honour to become a co-author of this blog. Since Sonic Singer’s taking a “summer off” and Saffron/Maggie and winxharmonix1 haven’t posted lately, I would like to re-post what I have said on the WinxBiz Forum, just to keep you visitors from being bored here. 😛 Here is what I have said:


Anyone like the Legendarium plot this season? I do, but it’s kind of really repetitive.
-Selina summons creatures from Legendarium to fight the Winx.
-Winx fight said creature.
-Winx ask Daphne for help.
-Winx defeat said creature.
-Winx reconcile.Honestly, it’s really great and all, but we fans would call it “repetitive”. Yes, there were some differences every time, but the “base” of the sequences are the same. Couldn’t they have gotten rid of sequence numbers 3 and 5 for some so it doesn’t seem like the Winx lack knowledge or act like children? They’re in their 20s!

Question: What about you? What do YOU think of this whole Legendarium plot?


the legendarium plot

Image source: WinxBiz Forums
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