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Winx Club’s Advancements As Of Early 2015

2 Feb


RainbowCartoonLab-300x233 (1)

Hey, fairies! As you probably know, Season 7 of Winx Club is coming out this fall. But did you know that in early 2016, a spin off series called Winx Club WOW: World of Winx is also coming out? I, for one, am so excited. But then again, spin offs always confuse me a little… Anyway, back to news. Rainbow has also recently announced a partnership with Netflix, which should provoke joy in some of us. 😛 Last piece of news. Rainbow has joined Explora Museum to create an experience for kids called the Rainbow Cartoon Lab. It teaches them with hands-on activities how a cartoon is made, and gives them the opportunity to star in their own cartoon using a green screen! Isn’t that exciting? Wish I could be there… *sigh* They should bring everything Winx they do in Italy over here to America too! I’d love to go to Winx Rainbow Magicland. 🙂 That’s all for today. Comment down below your thoughts and don’t forget to join Caption Contest #4!


Is Winx Back Yet?

10 Jan

Hey, guys! Sonic Singer here, and I’m glad to announce that it’s a new year! Oh, that rhymes! 😛 For the last few years, every new year we have gotten a new season of Winx. But will that be the case this year? We are all aware that Rainbow recently broke up with Nickelodeon, leaving us to wonder when and where we can find new Winx episodes. We don’t know if this hiatus in Winx will be short or very long term. But at least we all have faith that Winx will continue on somewhere in the future(hopefully soon!), because Rainbow has already announced that there is going to be a Season 7, and they won’t go back on their word— will they? It is very unlikely for Rainbow to cancel Winx forever anyway, since that means they’ll be unraveling all their hard work these past 10 years on one of their most successful series. Progress on Winx is still going on, if not in terms of episodes. A new app, Winx Bloomix Quest, was recently released. Check it out below:

If apps and other products of Winx are still coming out, we should have total faith that Winx Club will continue. The only question that now remains is when?

Question: Do you think Winx will come back? If so, when?

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Is Rainbow Ever Settling Down?

26 Nov


Hey, guys! As you can see in the title, this post is dedicated to the question of Rainbow S.R.L ever settling down with one company. First Rainbow started with 4Kids, making episodes with them until about the middle of Season 3. This came as a disappointment to the fans of Winx. Then, they decided to go to Nickelodeon, whom they created episodes with until the end of Season 6. After deciding they weren’t satisfied, they broke it up with Nickelodeon, leaving us all Winxless right now. We fans are expecting for the inevitable, and the inevitable is that Rainbow is going to do what they have been doing with different companies until the end of Winx. Or at least until they and we finally feel like the company they found fulfills our Winx desires. This is what we all want, but we can’t know for sure if this will ever happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Question: Do you think Rainbow is ever settling down with one company?

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Daphne x Thoren

31 Aug

Hello, fairies! It’s good to be back! 🙂 Thank you to Sweetbreeze Tornado for the warm welcome! Today’s post will cover the latest couple of Winx Club. A cute one at that, too! 😉 When they first met, we could tell there was some chemistry between them, but who knew whether or not they would actually become a couple? As Season 6 went on, it was clear that they were falling for each other, and obviously, the Winx approved.


They seem to work well together, and really get each other. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any drama between them—yet. A couple like that seems too good to be true. I keep thinking that something bad will happen. Either they start fighting, Daphne discovers that Thoren has a girlfriend, or something along those lines. But then again, who knows? Maybe Rainbow will decide to make them the perfect couple of the show.

Question: What do you think? Are Daphne and Thoren the perfect couple? Will it work out? Will something happen? Share your thoughts below! 🙂

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The Legendarium Plot (Re-post)

17 Jul

Hi, this is Sweetbreeze Tornado, from WinxBiz, and I’ve had the honour to become a co-author of this blog. Since Sonic Singer’s taking a “summer off” and Saffron/Maggie and winxharmonix1 haven’t posted lately, I would like to re-post what I have said on the WinxBiz Forum, just to keep you visitors from being bored here. 😛 Here is what I have said:


Anyone like the Legendarium plot this season? I do, but it’s kind of really repetitive.
-Selina summons creatures from Legendarium to fight the Winx.
-Winx fight said creature.
-Winx ask Daphne for help.
-Winx defeat said creature.
-Winx reconcile.Honestly, it’s really great and all, but we fans would call it “repetitive”. Yes, there were some differences every time, but the “base” of the sequences are the same. Couldn’t they have gotten rid of sequence numbers 3 and 5 for some so it doesn’t seem like the Winx lack knowledge or act like children? They’re in their 20s!

Question: What about you? What do YOU think of this whole Legendarium plot?


the legendarium plot

Image source: WinxBiz Forums

The Reunion Of The Century

7 May

Hey, fairies! I have really juicy news for you this time! The upcoming episodes will introduce two new people that will satisfy many Winx fans. Can you spot two ladies in the picture that you can’t recognize? They have definitely never been shown in any of the episodes before. Do they hold any likeliness to any of our beloved Winx? Let me give you a hint: They are two of the people fans have always wanted to see.


Question: Who are the two unfamiliar women in the picture? I’m sorry that this post is short, but that is kind of the point, to keep you guessing! 🙂

Goodbye, Nickelodeon?

12 Apr


Guess what, fairies? Rainbow S.R.L is breaking up with Nickelodeon at the finish of Season 6! Credit for the news goes to The Oblivious Prattler of Una Di Noi Winx! It’s about time, isn’t it? Ever since they teamed up with Nick in Season 4, it’s been a disaster, Season 4 being an exception. This season has been fine so far, but that’s not to say it will continue to be. Nick’s plot and dialogue was and is cheesy. I’m sure most of us fans are glad of the soon-to-be split. I hope that once Rainbow is on its own again, they will present more interesting scripts and plots, give the Winx’s original personalities back, give everyone a fair share of the limelight, and most importantly, bring Nabu back! 😛 To share my personal opinion, this season is my favorite, but probably because Rainbow is slowly taking back more control over the show. I love how the evil protagonist is Bloom’s childhood best friend. That was certainly unexpected. But everyone has their opinions. So share your thoughts on the question below!

Question: Do you think Rainbow alone did a better job on Winx Club or Rainbow and Nick together? How do you feel about their upcoming split? Do you think they should stay together, or go on with the split?

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Two Transformations, One Season

22 Feb

The two transformations of Season 6

Hey, fairies! Do you guys think it’s really necessary for the Winx to have two transformations all in one season? I think it’s a little ridiculous, really. Why have to work hard to earn, in this season, Bloomix and then have to work harder to earn Mythix so soon, just to beat the same bad guys who’s power is the same? If Bloomix is so useless that they need a different transformation (Mythix) to defeat Selina and the Trix, why even get it in the first place? But then again, they could’ve just added two transformations just to stretch the seasons out a bit longer, because that’s what they’re doing. Maybe they just can’t get enough inspiration out of one transformation to fill the whole season anymore. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 only have one transformation, while seasons 4, 5, and 6 have multiple. Nothing’s for sure, but we all have an opinion on this, I’m sure.

Question: So, do you think it’s necessary for two transformations in one season? Any idea why there are two and why they started doing that? Is it better to have one transformation or two?

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Nex, Roy, Or…Nabu?

6 Feb


Woah! I never knew Layla/Aisha was that popular! First Nabu falls in love with her, then Roy, and now Nex? So, I wonder who she’ll pick? I would prefer that she pick Nex over Roy, even though Nex is a show-off, because Roy is just.. you know, a royal yacht driver? But a problem still remains— is Nabu ever going to come back? If not, there’s only two guys competing for Layla/Aisha’s affection. If he is coming back, there’s going to be a lot of drama, because Layla/Aisha technically still is his girlfriend(even though he might be dead).

Nabu & Layla/Aisha

Nabu & Layla/Aisha

Roy & Layla/Aisha

Roy & Layla/Aisha

Nex & Layla/Aisha (sort of, anyway)

Nex & Layla/Aisha (sort of, anyway)

Question: So, who do you feel should end up with her? Who do you think has a better chance of getting her?

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Are The Winx Getting More Modest?

5 Jan

Has anyone noticed that the Winx have been wearing less revealing clothing lately? Maybe Nick decided by themselves that the Winx’s outfits were too showy, or maybe, they’re just listening to parents’ complaints about the modesty of the Winx. Compare the casual outfits in season 4, which is when the major complaints about the Winx’s attire started, to season 5, and then 6, right now, in the pictures below.

Season 4 Casual

Season 4 Casual

Season 5 Casual

Season 5 Casual

Season 6 Casual

Season 6 Casual

See how the clothing gets less and less revealing? Now compare the Believix transformation, the Sirenix transformation, and the Bloomix transformation(Sorry I couldn’t get a proper picture of Bloomix.).

Believix Transformation

Believix Transformation

Sirenix transformation

Sirenix Transformation

Bloomix Transformation

Bloomix Transformation

It’s the same with the transformations. Believix was the most revealing, and then as the Winx earned new transformations, their clothing gradually grew more modest. Well, at least now parents have no reason to complain about the Winx’s modesty anymore, so now maybe they’ll finally let their kids watch Winx Club.

Question: Do you think the Winx are getting more modest? If so, do you think Nick did it following parents’ complaints, or just of their own accord?

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