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Be Part of WINX!

24 Jul

Hey fairies, Sweetbreeze Tornado here. Long time no see and I apologize for that. But, I’ve come this time with IMPORTANT and EXCITING news!

Join Valory Pierce and be part of Winx Fairy, her fan series! And Rainbow actually supports and gave it permission! You must get Valory to 10 000 subscribers on YouTube, then the magic shall release. Think you guys can do that? ^-^
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8 Nov

Hi guys, it’s Sweetbreeze Tornado here. Sorry for not posting in a long time, but I was busy with this project I’m about to tell you about! I’M RECREATING MUSA AND TECNA JAKKS HARMONIX DOLLS!!!! Heads-up: My recreation will not be 100% accurate to the JAKKS preview, but some may be leaning towards the accuracy of the show, or just my own (re)creation. 🙂Featured image

And also a DAPHNE CORPOREAL SIRENIX DOLL! And MYTHIX COLLECTION!!! Wish me luck, everyone! Oh, and same here, Daphne doll will not be 100% accurate to the show. Mythix will not be 100% accurate to the show nor JAKKS preview, but I promise you they’ll be just as great. And plus, I’m not creating the actual doll, I’m using an existing doll as a base and make the outfit myself. These will be shown to you in July/August 2015 when I buy the dolls. Sorry, long wait. XD

Another My Two Cents on Winx Club: The Good, The Bad, and How the Re-release is Similar to Sailor Moon.

10 Sep

Roxyneko's Typeaholoic Blog

First, let me just clarify that I liked the old Winx Club version better (sure there were cuts, but it’s the voices and the dialogue that kept coming back even though Tecna had a British accent and Musa rapped a lot) I do watch the 4kids and Rai Eng (seasons 1-3). Also, the animation brings back a lot of memories, and who could forget part of the theme song?

Magical Flowers
Digital Powers
Rhythms and Tunes
The Sun and the Moon
Magic shapes and shifting Tides
and the fire burning deep inside

Sure the preview for the one hour special back in 2012 was redone with computers and flash, but it may not always be a good substitute for traditional animation.

The 4kids version reminds me of DIC’s Sailor Moon version.

Fighting evil by moonlight.
Winning love by daylight.
Never running from a real fight.
She is the one named…

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Sonic Singer’s Back!

19 Aug

It’s the 20th of August now, and Sonic Singer came back on the 18th! I forgot to post an update! Well, better late than never! 

Welcome back, Sonic Singer!

musa sirenix

Season 6 Videos Are Coming Out Like Mad!

16 Aug

Help Una di Noi Winx Do #SomethingTrulyMagical!

14 Aug

Hiya, fairies! Today, I’m going to tell you what The Oblivious Prattler from Una di Noi Winx has started! It’s a campaign showing Nick and JAKKS Pacific that we Winx fans still care about this show, and the best thing about it is that you can do whatever you want to help!


It doesn’t matter what you do. Just express yourself as a Winx fan, then show what you’ve done to Nick and JAKKS. Don’t think too hard about it, either. We’re just showing them how much we love this show. If you just wanna send a tweet or two, that’s fine, too.

Please CLICK HERE to read more about the campaign and most importantly, help us out! We need as many Winx fans as possible to participate! Spread the news about this campaign to as many Winx fans as possible!

Do the Winx Deserve Their Powers?

9 Aug

Hmm…I’ve read this post and, I thought it was a very interesting topic. Let’s see what you think, huh?



As evidenced by the image above, the Winx have sure earned a lot of transformations. Or is “earned” the right word? How do our favorite fairies achieve their new powers? How many of them are truly “earned?” If not, do the Winx even deserve them?

To answer those questions, let’s take a look at each one. If we count the Gifts of Nature as one and lump together Magic Winx and Nick’s Charmix, (since they’re essentially the same thing, though they’re different on the chart), the Winx have transformed into nine fairy forms.

The first one, Magic Winx (I’m going to call it Magic Winx here so as not to confuse it with the original brooches-and-bags Charmix) is relatively simple – it’s the first level, achieved as soon as a fairy unlocks her basic powers. You can say it’s part of the starter package. 😛 Next, Charmix, an add-on, is…

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FanFiction – Musa Missing Chapter 1: Morning of Mystery

26 Jul
Hey, Siamo Le Winxers! I think now’s a good time to start posting fanfics! Let’s start with “Musa Missing”, written by Abi Morgan Musa Flora Tecna.
Musa lost her mother at a young age. But when her mother comes in her dreams and tells her the secret to bring loved ones back, everything changes!


Chapter One: Morning of Mystery

Musa’s point of view
It’s 6:30, I sigh as I peer at the crimson sunrise. My roommate, Tecna, is breathing deeply from across the room. I swing my legs off the bed and pull out an old photo from under my pillow. It is of my mum and me when I was little.
“Oh, mom,” I sigh, as Flora stumbles into the room, rubbing her eyes.
“Are you OK?” asks Flora, with a concerned look on her face.
“Yeah, just missing mom,” I say, with a grimace on my face.
“I’m going to grab a bite, want something?” the nature fairy quotes.
“Nah, I’m going to Melody today, I’ll get something there,” I shrug, as Flora leaves. I didn’t tell her about the nightmare, yet she is my friend.
Mom: “Musa, Musa, come to me, my sweet daughter,”
Me: “Mom, is it really you?”
Mom: “Yes, dearest Musa, it is me. I have found a way for us to be together again,”
Me: “Really! I’ll do anything… MOM!”
End of Flashback
Oh, I need to tell someone. I walk over to my roommate’s bed and shake her harshly.
“Tecna, Tecna WAKE UP!” I yell, as my best friend sits up suddnely.
“What is it, Musa?” The technology fairy questions, as I withdraw my arm from her shoulder.
“Just a nightmare,” I muttered wearily.
“Here, tell me about it,” My best friend gestures to the bed and pulls out her phone.


Hey guys

18 Jul

Life of an Daydreamer

So I’ve been checking up on my blog lately and I’ve decided to start posting again. So I’ve been working on a new article (it’s about winx) and I have been pondering whether I should post it to Siamo or LAD you’ll hear from me soon about that

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The Legendarium Plot (Re-post)

17 Jul

Hi, this is Sweetbreeze Tornado, from WinxBiz, and I’ve had the honour to become a co-author of this blog. Since Sonic Singer’s taking a “summer off” and Saffron/Maggie and winxharmonix1 haven’t posted lately, I would like to re-post what I have said on the WinxBiz Forum, just to keep you visitors from being bored here. 😛 Here is what I have said:


Anyone like the Legendarium plot this season? I do, but it’s kind of really repetitive.
-Selina summons creatures from Legendarium to fight the Winx.
-Winx fight said creature.
-Winx ask Daphne for help.
-Winx defeat said creature.
-Winx reconcile.Honestly, it’s really great and all, but we fans would call it “repetitive”. Yes, there were some differences every time, but the “base” of the sequences are the same. Couldn’t they have gotten rid of sequence numbers 3 and 5 for some so it doesn’t seem like the Winx lack knowledge or act like children? They’re in their 20s!

Question: What about you? What do YOU think of this whole Legendarium plot?


the legendarium plot

Image source: WinxBiz Forums
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