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Bloom Mythix 3D Transformation Preview Clip

11 Feb

Hey, fairies! Here’s a little treat from YouTube, a Mythix transformation preview clip, uploaded by BelieveInWinxNews!

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Bloomix: In Or Out?

17 Dec

After watching the one-hour special on Sunday and seeing all the girls’ transformations, what do you think of it? The outfits, the song, etc. I, personally, love the outfits, but hate the song. Last time, Nick and Rainbow did an amazing job on the Sirenix song, but this time, for Bloomix, not so well. Listen to the two below and you’ll probably share my opinion.



Anyways, as usual, they did amazing on the outfits. They are beautiful, and fit well to the theme of the season- fairy tales. The wings are gorgeous as well! I especially admire Musa’s, because it resembles a music staff.

musa bloomix

Question: How do you like Bloomix? Is it so in or totally out? Who’s outfit and wings do you like best? And does it overshadow the past transformations or is it overshadowed?

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Winx Club Good Luck Video

13 Nov

Hey, guys! Here’s the newest of the Gift Videos! It’s called “Good Luck”. Watch it, and who knows, maybe it will inspire good luck! Anyways, enjoy!

P.S.: Remember the video I’ve been working on for some time now? I’m almost done! So expect it soon!

P.S.S.: I know I’ve been slow with posts, but this blog isn’t dead! I mean, I posted this, right? New Year, new posts, so if you want to know when I’ll start post regularly, I’d say about New Years.

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Winx Club – Oh, No!

1 Nov

Hey, guys! I came across the best Winx music video ever on YouTube! It is amazing! And I’m not exaggerating! See for yourself below! The video was created by YouTube poster, monimausi93!

Winx Secret Fashion Video Season 6

2 Oct

Hey, fairies! Ready to get an inside look on Season 6’s fashion? Well, then watch the video below! Trust me, the fashion is gorgeous, even prettier than Season 5’s, which is saying a lot! 😉 After you watch it, comment below on which Season 6 outfit you love the most! My favorite is the leopard spot dresses! The dresses make them all look like exotic princesses!

Winx Club Back To School

5 Sep

Hey, fairies! Having the best start of the school year ever? If yes, here’s something that will make it even better! If not, at least it will cheer you up! 🙂 I’m having a great time in school so far, so I hope you have one too! So that’s why I’m showing you this video now! Happy school time! 😀

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Tecna – Beat Of My Heart

4 Sep

Hello, everyone! Here’s a video I think you will like. It stars the couple that’s all about technology- Tecna and Timmy! This video was created and uploaded by YouTube poster, Rapunzle96. Please subscribe to her! I hope you like this little treat! (By the way, there has been a problem going on for two months already with the program I’m using to make my video, so I’m still only halfway done with it! Thanks for being patient with me!)

New Winx Club Episode This Sunday!

3 Sep

The date for the new Winx Club episode has been moved to this Sunday! We Winx fans have been waiting a long time for this, so you don’t want to miss it! Be sure to stop whatever you’re doing and tune into Nickelodeon on Sunday, September 8 at 1 P.M. EST to watch “Saving Paradise Bay”!

Winx Club Season 6 Official Trailer

30 Aug

Hey, fairies! Finally, the official trailer for Season 6 is out! I wonder what the new transformation is called… Empowerix, maybe? Anyways, I know all of you are excited about it, so here it is!


12 Aug

There’s a new video on the winxclub.com site! It’s a video made especially for the summer- SummerWinx! It’s an awesome video, so watch it below!

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