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What Should We Ask Of Nick?

31 May
Dear Nick,..."

Dear Nick,…”

Hey, everyone! The Oblivious Prattler has decided on some main points to vote on! Whichever main point gets the most votes will be the main point we will all use in our letter to Nick. As I said, if we want Nick to actually get our point, we need to make the same one. So when we get finally decide our main point, please use it! The poll with the main points are below. Please vote! 🙂 Click here to see the campaign! Let’s do this, fairies!

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Winx Nick Letter Campaign

29 May
Dear Nick,..."

“Dear Nick,…”

I know all the Winx fans out there are worried about how Winx Club’s future will turn out, including me. The TV ratings and toys sales are dropping drastically. The new episodes are being postponed for weeks on end! If this continues, our precious show will be gone- forever. But there is something we can do. The Oblivious Prattler, owner of the Winx blog, Una Di Noi Winx, has suggested we mail letters to Nick regarding this matter. I completely agree. I urge you to send letters to Nick voicing your concerns as soon as possible- before it’s too late. Like OP said, in the past, fans have saved their favorite shows with these kinds of campaigns.

If you really can’t mail something, use email. But I strongly recommend using this as a last resort, for it may be seen as spam and could be deleted. I do, on the other hand, suggest you handwrite it, because it makes the recipient feel that the message is more sincere. It also takes more time to do, of course. 😛 If you don’t have time, then just type it up and print it out. The good thing about this is that it looks more professional and they might take it more seriously.

If we want Nick to pay attention, we need them to get the point. To do that, we all need to include in our message the same main point. Before we all start we should decide what that main point is. I need everyone who reads this post to comment about what that main point will be. Whichever main point I think is the best, I will put in the next post very soon so everyone can start writing! Remember, do not be rude. Instead, be respectful. Don’t blame anyone who has anything to do with the production of Winx Club!

You can send your letter to Nick’s press office. There are two, one on each coast. Here are both of the addresses:

West Coast Address:

Santa Monica Office
2600 Colorado Ave, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404

East Coast Address:

New York Office
1515 Broadway, 44th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Here is a little quote from OP:

The key to our success is critical mass. Nick can ignore a few letters, but not thousands of them. We need as many Winx fans as possible to do this!

Are you in?

Here is an extra little something. If you guys send letters to Nick, I promise I’ll make Winx Club Harmonix and Sirenix wallpapers and post them on my blog for everyone to use! Please do this for the sake of Winx! How will I know if you actually did it? Well, you can email me your whole letter! If you typed it down or emailed it, all you have to do is copy and paste! If you wrote it down, you’ll have to do a little extra work and type it up and then email it to me! But if you do this, type your letter up before you send it, or save a copy of it. You can send it to me at my email,!

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Fan Of The Month

29 May

Hi, fairies! I’ve decided to do a “Fan Of the Month” post at the end of each month! This month’s “Fan of the Month” is… Maggie! I just wanted to thank her for continually supporting Siamo Le Winx with her constant visiting and commenting! 🙂 She has helped me spread Siamo Le Winx’s publicity, and I’m really grateful for that! She has also spread the news about the Winx Nick Letter Campaign (W.N.L.C)! Thank you so much, Maggie!



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Siamo Le Winx Coloring Page

27 May

Hey, everyone! I just thought, what better to spread the publicity of Siamo Le Winx than coloring pages? So I hopped onto the computer and made a special Siamo Le Winx coloring page for you guys to print out, color, and share with your friends! Just click on the image and it will lead you to a page where you can save it and print it out! Please don’t copy! It already has Siamo Le Winx’s name on it, but if you use it on your website, please give credit to me! Thanks!


Sunday Funday: What Are Your Most Favorite Things About Season 5?

26 May

Hey, fairies! This is a new addition to Siamo Le Winx’s posts! Sunday Fundays are posts meant for you to just have fun and express your inner self! In this first Sunday Funday, comment about all the things you love about Season 5! Whether you want to talk about the cutest couples, or the beautiful new transformations, let your thoughts run free! Let me start it off! I love Musa and Riven being together in this season! They make the cutest couple! I also loved the Harmonix and Sirenix transformations, although I prefer the former.


Question: Now it’s your turn! What are the things you love about/in Season 5? It’s as simple as that!

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Winx Club Fun Cube

24 May

Hi fairies! I just found this cool printable activity! It’s a Winx Fun Cube, with 5 sides, including every Winx besides Tecna! I just have to give credit to the fan site, Dreamy Winx, for this amazing activity! Please continue to support Siamo Le Winx! Don’t forget to comment! Click on the link beneath the picture to go to the page where you can upload and print it!


Last Day Before They’re Gone!

23 May

Today is the last day before the Winx toys are replaced by Epic toys! If you want to complete your collection or haven’t gotten one and want your favorite, do it TODAY! Chances are, you might even end up with only Bloom, even if you wanted a different one! I promise, you’ll really regret it after they’re gone if you’re a Winx fan. I went as soon as my McDonald’s had Musa, my favorite, and Tecna, my sister’s favorite! Even if they don’t exactly look like the real characters, they are a fantastic addition to any Winx collection! 🙂 And remember to support my blog by commenting and passing on the word about it!


Question: Did you get some of the toys? If so, how many and which ones? Did you like the quality and design of the toys, or not? Which toy was your favorite? Remember to reply by commenting below!

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Caption Contest #2

22 May

Hey, fairies! The new Caption Contest is now open for entries in the Caption Contest section located directly above the header. If you can’t find it, click on this link to get there. Good luck, everyone!


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The “Magical Adventure”!

20 May

The new “Winx Club- Magical Adventure” movie is premiering TONIGHT on Nick at 8:00 P.M EST! If you have cable, be sure not to miss it! These kinds of amazing movies take years of hard work and dedication! This dedication and hard work pays off in the end to create a masterpiece! The longer it takes to create a movie, the more spectacular it will be! And this one sure took long- for the Believix transformation the movie is using is long gone! Check out the promo for the movie and a behind-the-scenes look at the movie below! The behind-the-scenes video is in Italian, but don’t worry, it is very easy to follow!

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Musa and Riven ~I’d Catch a Grenade For You~

20 May

This is a very touching video of Musa and Riven! I promise you’ll love it as much as I do- if not more! This was uploaded by YouTube poster, charmedgurl001!

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