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Happy Hallowinx! + Fan Of The Month

31 Oct


Hey, fairies! Today is, as we all know, Halloween(or if you prefer, Hallowinx! :P)! If you go trick-or-treating today, have fun, and be safe. May your night be magical! Please remember to comment about what you dressed up as! 🙂 Here is a Gift Video from the Winx Club official website celebrating today’s holiday!

And, for two posts in one, I am going to announce this month’s “Fan Of The Month”! Drum roll, please! …And this month’s “Fan Of The Month” is…DancingQueen, for her thoughtful insight on the “Nex, Roy, Or…Nabu?” post! Here is her comment:

“Honesty, it makes me really happy to see that so many people still love Nabu and have hope that he will return. Can you believe I have waited like 4 years to see him come back in season 5 because I was told so often that he would come back, and then, I finally watch, and he’s not here ?! Like, what ? Yeah, anyway. So, despite what my mind is telling me, I still have hope that Nabu will come back (and if he doesn’t, it will fucking hurt) so yeah, I totally think that Layla (Sorry, Aisha) should end with Nabu. But of course, the rational part of me is saying that he won’t return, and that even if he does, it’s not sure Layla (Fuck, Aisha !) will still love him … I don’t know. Just, I want my Nabu back …. (And, I like Roy but just because he is so much like Nabu, so I guess Nex would be best for Layla … I don’t know. Just, Nabu please …) Sorry for the rant !”

Don’t worry about your rant, DancingQueen, it makes me really happy that fans like you still appreciate Winx Club enough to even rant on about it. Congratulations! 🙂

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Nereid Horoscope + Secret Video – Fashion

1 Oct

Hey, guys! We haven’t updated on horoscopes for a while, and I’m starting them up again. Here’s the latest horoscope, and happy birthday to all you Nereids, born from September 11-October 2! Hope you have a magical birthday, whether it is coming up or you have already celebrated! 🙂


11 Sep/ Oct 2

Magical wishes! It’s going to be a magical birthday. You’ll receive special wishes from those who love you and you’ll be cheerful!

Tecna suggests: Offer your friends some cupcakes made by you.


(Love) = 5 Stars


(Friends) = 5 Stars


(Family) = 5 Stars


(Study) = 5 Stars

I’m sorry the images are a little misaligned, but I hope this horoscope was useful to you Nereids, because there’s another one coming up soon for another group! Don’t forget to check back!

Now, an addition is something I saw on the Winx official site, a new secret video, this time featuring Winx fashion! Here it is:

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