Nereid Horoscope + Secret Video – Fashion

1 Oct

Hey, guys! We haven’t updated on horoscopes for a while, and I’m starting them up again. Here’s the latest horoscope, and happy birthday to all you Nereids, born from September 11-October 2! Hope you have a magical birthday, whether it is coming up or you have already celebrated! 🙂


11 Sep/ Oct 2

Magical wishes! It’s going to be a magical birthday. You’ll receive special wishes from those who love you and you’ll be cheerful!

Tecna suggests: Offer your friends some cupcakes made by you.


(Love) = 5 Stars


(Friends) = 5 Stars


(Family) = 5 Stars


(Study) = 5 Stars

I’m sorry the images are a little misaligned, but I hope this horoscope was useful to you Nereids, because there’s another one coming up soon for another group! Don’t forget to check back!

Now, an addition is something I saw on the Winx official site, a new secret video, this time featuring Winx fashion! Here it is:

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One Response to “Nereid Horoscope + Secret Video – Fashion”

  1. Sweetbreeze Tornado October 12, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    Yay! My birthday – 24th September!

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