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Which Hairstyle?

25 Dec


Hey, fairies! Want to get an idea for a simple but pretty hairstyle that’s perfect for you? Well, read on!

Long Hair With Oval, Round, Or Heart Face

Option #1: Let your hair all down, giving you a natural look.
Option #2: Wear your hair clipped up on one side behind your ear, giving the air of innocence while still being elegant and chic.
Option #3: Wear your hair clipped up on one side at the side of your head, giving yourself the pretty and cute look.

Medium Hair With Any Shape Face

Option #1: Curl your hair with a curling iron and pat it down to make it less curly and more wavy, and leave it all down, giving you the girly look, like Ariana Grande, who voices Diaspro.(If your hair is naturally wavy, leave it, it’s perfect! If it’s curly, use a straightening iron just enough to make it wavy, but not straight.)
Option #2: Tie the hair in the front of your face to the back, which will bring out your face, giving you a more sophisticated look, while still being very simple.
Option #3: Tie your hair into a simple ponytail in the back with a bow, giving you the girly, but sporty look.

Short Hair With Oval, Round, Or Heart Face

Option #1: Leave it down and don’t do anything to it, it’ll make you look really cute!
Option #2: Use a headband on your hair, giving you a pretty and trendy look.
Option #3: If you’re feeling fun, tie your hair into two short ponytails on the side, giving you a fun and wacky look.

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Winxmas Gift

18 Dec

Hey, fairies! For being so wonderful and supportive, I’ve made a little Winx wallpaper for you- in the theme of Christmas(or as we call it, Winxmas!)! If you don’t want to use it as a wallpaper, feel free to do something else with it- put it on your own website, share it, print it. Though, if you do one of the first two, please give credit to Siamo Le Winx. I hope you like it!

P.S.: The background of the wallpaper is from dazdraperma from Everything else, I did.


Bloomix: In Or Out?

17 Dec

After watching the one-hour special on Sunday and seeing all the girls’ transformations, what do you think of it? The outfits, the song, etc. I, personally, love the outfits, but hate the song. Last time, Nick and Rainbow did an amazing job on the Sirenix song, but this time, for Bloomix, not so well. Listen to the two below and you’ll probably share my opinion.



Anyways, as usual, they did amazing on the outfits. They are beautiful, and fit well to the theme of the season- fairy tales. The wings are gorgeous as well! I especially admire Musa’s, because it resembles a music staff.

musa bloomix

Question: How do you like Bloomix? Is it so in or totally out? Who’s outfit and wings do you like best? And does it overshadow the past transformations or is it overshadowed?

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Musa Bloomix Makeup Tutorial

13 Dec

Hey, fairies! Here is a little treat we’ve been waiting for for quite a while- another Winx makeup tutorial, this time for Musa’s Bloomix! Since Bloomix is new, it’s a wonder Musa’s came out first. But anyways, enjoy! P.S.: This is from Lynne Valory, but she has changed her channel’s name to Valory Pierce.

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