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Winx Club’s Advancements As Of Early 2015

2 Feb


RainbowCartoonLab-300x233 (1)

Hey, fairies! As you probably know, Season 7 of Winx Club is coming out this fall. But did you know that in early 2016, a spin off series called Winx Club WOW: World of Winx is also coming out? I, for one, am so excited. But then again, spin offs always confuse me a little… Anyway, back to news. Rainbow has also recently announced a partnership with Netflix, which should provoke joy in some of us. 😛 Last piece of news. Rainbow has joined Explora Museum to create an experience for kids called the Rainbow Cartoon Lab. It teaches them with hands-on activities how a cartoon is made, and gives them the opportunity to star in their own cartoon using a green screen! Isn’t that exciting? Wish I could be there… *sigh* They should bring everything Winx they do in Italy over here to America too! I’d love to go to Winx Rainbow Magicland. 🙂 That’s all for today. Comment down below your thoughts and don’t forget to join Caption Contest #4!


Is Winx Back Yet?

10 Jan

Hey, guys! Sonic Singer here, and I’m glad to announce that it’s a new year! Oh, that rhymes! 😛 For the last few years, every new year we have gotten a new season of Winx. But will that be the case this year? We are all aware that Rainbow recently broke up with Nickelodeon, leaving us to wonder when and where we can find new Winx episodes. We don’t know if this hiatus in Winx will be short or very long term. But at least we all have faith that Winx will continue on somewhere in the future(hopefully soon!), because Rainbow has already announced that there is going to be a Season 7, and they won’t go back on their word— will they? It is very unlikely for Rainbow to cancel Winx forever anyway, since that means they’ll be unraveling all their hard work these past 10 years on one of their most successful series. Progress on Winx is still going on, if not in terms of episodes. A new app, Winx Bloomix Quest, was recently released. Check it out below:

If apps and other products of Winx are still coming out, we should have total faith that Winx Club will continue. The only question that now remains is when?

Question: Do you think Winx will come back? If so, when?

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Is Rainbow Ever Settling Down?

26 Nov


Hey, guys! As you can see in the title, this post is dedicated to the question of Rainbow S.R.L ever settling down with one company. First Rainbow started with 4Kids, making episodes with them until about the middle of Season 3. This came as a disappointment to the fans of Winx. Then, they decided to go to Nickelodeon, whom they created episodes with until the end of Season 6. After deciding they weren’t satisfied, they broke it up with Nickelodeon, leaving us all Winxless right now. We fans are expecting for the inevitable, and the inevitable is that Rainbow is going to do what they have been doing with different companies until the end of Winx. Or at least until they and we finally feel like the company they found fulfills our Winx desires. This is what we all want, but we can’t know for sure if this will ever happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Question: Do you think Rainbow is ever settling down with one company?

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Goodbye, Nickelodeon?

12 Apr


Guess what, fairies? Rainbow S.R.L is breaking up with Nickelodeon at the finish of Season 6! Credit for the news goes to The Oblivious Prattler of Una Di Noi Winx! It’s about time, isn’t it? Ever since they teamed up with Nick in Season 4, it’s been a disaster, Season 4 being an exception. This season has been fine so far, but that’s not to say it will continue to be. Nick’s plot and dialogue was and is cheesy. I’m sure most of us fans are glad of the soon-to-be split. I hope that once Rainbow is on its own again, they will present more interesting scripts and plots, give the Winx’s original personalities back, give everyone a fair share of the limelight, and most importantly, bring Nabu back! 😛 To share my personal opinion, this season is my favorite, but probably because Rainbow is slowly taking back more control over the show. I love how the evil protagonist is Bloom’s childhood best friend. That was certainly unexpected. But everyone has their opinions. So share your thoughts on the question below!

Question: Do you think Rainbow alone did a better job on Winx Club or Rainbow and Nick together? How do you feel about their upcoming split? Do you think they should stay together, or go on with the split?

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Bloomix: In Or Out?

17 Dec

After watching the one-hour special on Sunday and seeing all the girls’ transformations, what do you think of it? The outfits, the song, etc. I, personally, love the outfits, but hate the song. Last time, Nick and Rainbow did an amazing job on the Sirenix song, but this time, for Bloomix, not so well. Listen to the two below and you’ll probably share my opinion.



Anyways, as usual, they did amazing on the outfits. They are beautiful, and fit well to the theme of the season- fairy tales. The wings are gorgeous as well! I especially admire Musa’s, because it resembles a music staff.

musa bloomix

Question: How do you like Bloomix? Is it so in or totally out? Who’s outfit and wings do you like best? And does it overshadow the past transformations or is it overshadowed?

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Possibly The Name Of The Third Winx Movie?

13 Nov

I have some juicy news for you all! While I was on Winx Club Wiki, I stumbled upon an article announcing that there was a third Winx Club movie coming out in Spring 2014. It didn’t say what it was called so I kept digging for more info. Eventually, I came upon I came upon InabluMovie’s blog post, saying that the movie was to be named Winx Club 3D: Into The Praxis. The name is not official, but sounds promising. We’ll just have to wait and see!


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Ten Years Of The Magical Winx

11 Oct


Rainbow celebrated Winx Club‘s tenth anniversary with a huge party at Cannes’ MIP Junior conference! Guests at the party received a sneak peek of Royal Academy, Rainbow’s new series, plus, a performance from Milan’s Contourella Dance Project! At the end of the party, the “Real Winx” performed for everyone! But Joanne Lee, Rainbow’s COO, said that this was just the kick-off for the many other celebrations of Winx Club‘s tenth anniversary. Us fans all hope that Winx Club will stay strong even after its 30th anniversary! And remember, “We are the Winx!”

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1 Oct

Now you’ve really done it, Rainbow. Anything but Bloomix. Why couldn’t it have been Empowerix? Instead, you stick us with Bloomix. I’m never going to get used to this transformation. And I know numerous fans who won’t get over it, either! We should have seen this coming anyways, because again, it’s like the show revolves around Bloom. On the bright side, the name does seem kind of nice. But it reminds me of blooming flowers. I wonder if there will be more transformations this season. If so, let’s hope Rainbow thinks of a more suitable name than Bloomix. As a side note, even though the name isn’t to pretty, the actual transformation is amazing! It’s beautiful! 🙂

“Why couldn’t it have been Stella-ix?”

Question: What do you think of Bloomix? Love it or hate it? Also, do you like the actual transformation?

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