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Winx Club Freebies

18 Feb

Hey, fairies! I just wanted to share with you guys some things that you might not have noticed on the Winx Club official site! The site offers printables for you to decorate and customize with your own fairy style, such as a tiara or wings. Below are printables available right now.




Another thing that I find cool is that they have a Winx Club goose game that you can print out and play, which includes the board and playing pieces. As a returning member from before they updated, the site has gifted me with a lot of credits to use, and I used some to unlock the game. Here it is, free for you guys below. 🙂



I hope you all enjoy these Winx freebies, since they are my gift to you just because, and I will be posting more once I get them. Have you all noticed the rising frequency of posts? I’m excited that the blog is running smoothly again. I love you all for supporting this blog! Especially the user new to this blog who joined Caption Contest #4. He will be announced as this month’s Fan Of The Month! ❤

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Bloomix: In Or Out?

17 Dec

After watching the one-hour special on Sunday and seeing all the girls’ transformations, what do you think of it? The outfits, the song, etc. I, personally, love the outfits, but hate the song. Last time, Nick and Rainbow did an amazing job on the Sirenix song, but this time, for Bloomix, not so well. Listen to the two below and you’ll probably share my opinion.



Anyways, as usual, they did amazing on the outfits. They are beautiful, and fit well to the theme of the season- fairy tales. The wings are gorgeous as well! I especially admire Musa’s, because it resembles a music staff.

musa bloomix

Question: How do you like Bloomix? Is it so in or totally out? Who’s outfit and wings do you like best? And does it overshadow the past transformations or is it overshadowed?

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What Do You Think Of When You Hear “Winx”?

1 Nov

Hey, fairies! Sorry I’ve been gone awhile, but it was just a temporary break. Don’t worry, Siamo Le Winx is definitely not dead! I just needed to focus on school a little more. Anyways, what do you think of when you hear “Winx”? I know us fans think of the show with its fairy and magic, but what did you think of when you first heard it? I thought “wings” since “Winx” sounds like “wings”, and the show is about fairies. Even when I tell the iPhone “Winx”, it hears “wings”! So what did you think when you first heard “Winx”? Comment your answer below!


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Winx Club – “Wings”

3 Jul

Here are two fantastic Winx videos featuring the song, “Wings”, by Little Mix! The first one was made by YouTube poster, MissSuperSelena! The second one belongs to another YouTube poster, Stella Benneton! They are my favorite videos of the song so far, and I hope you guys love them as much as I do! Like this post if you do!

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