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Winx Magic E-Card

23 Mar

Hey, fairies! If you already have the Winx Party app (or even not) on your devices, then you’ll love this! The Winx Magic E-Card game on the Winx Club official site! There, you can do basically Winx Party, except without the dressing up. Play it and the other games to their fullest. I hope you have fun, because I am! 😊 Sorry for not posting for a whole MONTH. I have too many work and classes. But guess what? Do you all remember that necklace tutorial and Winx music video I promised a long time ago? Well they’re almost done, so don’t worry! And all of this inactiveness is obviously related to Winx Club’s inactiveness. But they’ll be back soon. 😀 Well, here’s the link to the game, and see you next post! 💋


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