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What Do You Think Of When You Hear “Winx”?

1 Nov

Hey, fairies! Sorry I’ve been gone awhile, but it was just a temporary break. Don’t worry, Siamo Le Winx is definitely not dead! I just needed to focus on school a little more. Anyways, what do you think of when you hear “Winx”? I know us fans think of the show with its fairy and magic, but what did you think of when you first heard it? I thought “wings” since “Winx” sounds like “wings”, and the show is about fairies. Even when I tell the iPhone “Winx”, it hears “wings”! So what did you think when you first heard “Winx”? Comment your answer below!


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Elemental Horoscope

7 Oct

Hey, everyone! Here’s the latest update on the Winx Club horoscopes! This time, it’s for Elementals! If you were born from October 3 to October 25, you are an Elemental! Everyone wishes you Elementals a happy birthday! Here’s your horoscope!


3 Oct/ 25 Oct

Lots of little hearts! A party with your friends will be unforgettable. Magical romanticism continues!

Stella suggests: Wear something with a heart on.

ico_amore(Love) = 5 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 4 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 3 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 3 Stars

Check at the end of October for the next horoscope!


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Nereid Horoscope

13 Sep

Hey, fairies! Time for the next horoscope, this one is for… wait for it… Nereids! Here’s how you know if you’re a Nereid. If you were born from September 11 to October 2, you are a Nereid! Happy birthday to all you Nereids! Here’s your horoscope!


11 Sep/ 2 Oct

Doing great! You recovered your energy and good mood. They’ll be with you for a long time.

Stella suggests: Tell jokes to your friends, you’ll be very successful!

ico_amore(Love) = 3 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 5 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 5 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 3 Stars

Check back near October 3 for the next Winx Club horoscope!


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Learning Is Magic!

29 Aug


Hey, everyone! The reason I haven’t been posting much is because I started school a week ago! Everything is crazy- new school, new schedule, new everything! It’s going to take a while for me to get used to everything, so I probably won’t be posting regularly until about the end of September. Until then, there will only be a scatter of posts, but at the end of September, you will be bombarded with new kinds of posts, such as tutorials for Winx crafts and more! Be sure to tune in then!

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Unicorn Horoscope

21 Aug

It’s time for the next horoscope! The new horoscope is for Unicorns, people born from August 19 to September 10. I wish all Unicorns a terrific birthday! Read your horoscope below! If you’re a Unicorn, comment below!


19 Aug/ 10 Sep

Happy birthday! Throw a fairy party and invite your family and friends: it’s going to be magical.

Stella suggests: Organize a treasure hunt, it will be fun!

ico_amore(Love) = 4 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 5 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 5 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 4 Stars

Well, that’s it for now! Tune in next time for the next Winx Club horoscope!


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Missing Relatives

19 Aug
"I want to know who my parents are!"

“I want to know who my parents are!”

Haven’t you ever wondered who Flora’s and Tecna’s parents were? We know Bloom’s, Stella’s, Layla’s, and Musa’s parents, so what about Flora and Tecna? The weird thing is that they have introduced us to Flora’s sister, Rose/Miele, but not her parents. Hmmm… Maybe Flora and her sister don’t know who their parents are, or maybe they were born from flowers! Wait, I just had a very scary thought. What if both of Flora’s parents passed away? That would be very sad. But if she has parents and they’re alive, let’s hope Nick introduces us to them soon… And in Tecna’s situation, we know she has parents, but only in the comics. So what’s the deal? Does she have parents or not? Any siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later…

Question: What do you think? Does Flora and Tecna have parents or not? If yes, are they still alive? If not, how were they born? What were they born from?

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Mermaid Horoscope

12 Aug

Hello, fairies! The current horoscope is for Mermaids, people who were born from July 26 to August 18! Sorry I’m late! I had to get ready for my vacation when I was supposed to post this, so I didn’t finish it. Anyways, happy birthday to all Mermaids! See your horoscope below! Posting this horoscope is my birthday present to you!


26 July/ 18 August

Be careful! Before trusting a new person, get to know him/her well!

Tecna suggests: No video-games on holiday!

ico_amore(Love) = 3 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 3 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 3 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 3 Stars

Look for the next horoscope- coming your way soon!


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Fan Of The Month

30 Jul

This month’s “Fan Of The Month” is… Hilary Atabay! Administrator of the newest Winx blog, Hilareeh Winx, she’s a super Winx fan! In fact, every Winx blogger is! Welcome to the Winx community, Hilary! Check back next month to see if you’re the next “Fan Of The Month”!


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A Magical Vacation

26 Jul

Hey, guys! I wanted to let you know that I’ll be heading to Cancun, Mexico from July 31 – August 6! This is my first time out of America, so I’m really excited! Tons of new posts will be coming at you when I am back, so just check my blog on August 7 or August 8! See you then!

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Sunday Funday: Do You Love, Dislike, Or Hate Bloom?

21 Jul

I discovered a bunch of articles ranting on about how they hate Bloom. I, personally, don’t hate her, but as you’ve seen numerous times, I’ve expressed that I strongly dislike her. But I do have my reasons, of course! What about you? Do you love, dislike, or hate her? I will not judge your answer because this is a Sunday Funday, and as always, it is about expressing your thoughts and opinions!

"What are you looking at?"

“What are you looking at?”

Question: How do you feel about Bloom? Do you love her, dislike her, or hate her?

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