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Caption Contest #4… Waiting!

18 Jan


Hey, fairies! I’d like to remind you to please enter Caption Contest #4, because for the first time, we currently have NO entries. I don’t want to cancel it, so take a minute and enter in the comments of this page. Share this contest with your friends and family, and while you’re at it, this blog too! Thanks! I love you! ❤

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Siamo Le Winx Is Searching For Another Co-Author!

25 Oct
Stella: "I've made up my mind! We need another co-author!"

Stella: “I’ve made up my mind! We need another co-author!”

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to inform you that Siamo Le Winx is searching for a second co-author, the first being Maggie(Saffron). If you are interested, comment below or email me an application in the form of a letter telling me why you want to become a co-author of Siamo Le Winx and why I should hire you. Remember, my email is! You should be able to post at least once a week and take over for me if I’m busy. Please note that you should be able to write creative and fresh Winx posts. Please don’t copy things from other site without linking back or asking their permission first! If you need an example of the format I’m looking for, check out Saffron’s application!

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My Future Video And YouTube Channel

8 Jul


Hey, fairies! You have all seen the videos that I’ve posted on here, right? Well, I am going to make one of my own, since I just decided that I’ve been posting too many of other people’s videos! But I can’t seem to pick a song, so I’d like you guys to pick one for me!(I’ve included a poll below!) If there are two songs with a tie, I will choose between them. Also, I wanted you to know that after I make my video, I shall have a YouTube channel called Siamo Le Winx! If you’d like to listen to the songs before you vote, there are song tracks of the songs below the poll! Start voting for the song!

By the way, all the songs you’ll see below are from Spotify!

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Winx Nick Letter Campaign (W.N.L.C) Starts

27 Jun
Dear Nick,..."

Dear Nick,…”

Hey, Winx fans! It’s time for us to put our plan into motion, and change the future of Winx Club! There is big news! The Winx Nick Letter Campaign will start on June 30 and end on July 6! Better start firing up your pencils, computers, and laptops, because it’s time to start writing the letters to Nick! If you’re new to the campaign, check out the details here! I’ve decided that one of the main points should just be what we’re aiming for- to save Winx Club! Here are the three other main points: Air the show more consistently, change its time slot, and show reruns throughout the week. As long as your letter includes things that could make Winx Club better and save it, you’re fine! Please participate! The future of Winx Club is in our hands, Winx fans!

Featured Story: Magic Winx Fanfictionix

27 Jun

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the long hiatus, But Siamo le Winx is back!

I am going to start with a post that is about a story I recommend, It’s called Magic Winx Fanfictionix by Akela Victoire, The link is here I love it because It parodies many fan fiction cliches that you see very often, Examples: Mary Sues, Next Gen fics, AU fics, Unreliable narrators and more.

Bloom was cornered by the Trix witches in Magix. All alone.

The other members of the Winx Club were nowhere to be found.

Once again, Bloom found herself alone in Magix and cornered by the Trix. Because it’s always them who cause trouble.

No one else.

There is no one else who would possibly want the power she has, want to kill her so she can’t stop their nefarious plans or get revenge against her of some sort.

Always the Trix…

“You know, I get a sense of déjà vu from this…” Darcy commented.

Bloom of Domino, Fairy of the Dragon’s Flame aka the most powerful magic in the universe, found herself beaten by the witches again.

Never mind the fact that she kicked serious ass at the Battle of Alfea…

“Well, well, well. Here we are again, Bloom. Not even your mighty Dragon’s Flame can help you now!” Icy cackled a very evil cackle now.

“Perhaps you should give it up to someone who can handle it!” Stormy smiled a slasher smile.

With that, the three witches raised their hands to attack once again, but were suddenly blasted away by a large ball of fire.

When it cleared, another fairy stood between the Trix and Bloom.

She was gorgeous, with long, thick, luxurious wavy auburn hair with a golden tiara holding it up in a high ponytail and bright emerald green eyes- that changed colours. She was perfectly tanned and had a perfect figure and perfectly pink lips and makeup.

Her perfect frilly multi-layered backless knee-length dress was lilac, pink, gold and white, looking like something that a children’s doll or perhaps a ballerina would be wearing.

Her perfect wings were a gorgeous rose colour dotted with white and gold and judging by their size and shape, she was an Enchantix fairy.

“Stay away from Bloom, you evil Trix!” She cried- perfectly.

“Or what?” Icy snapped.

“Or this! Dragon’s Fury!” The girl roared.

Her hair whipped around her head as she rose her arms above her head and immediately sent the Trix into oblivion.

Bloom stood up weakly, detransforming as she did.

“Who are you and how were you able to use the Dragon Fire?” She asked cautiously.

“Bloom, is that any way to talk to your older sister?” the older fairy held out her arms as if to give her a hug.

“Wait, what?” Bloom backed away, eyes widening.

Screech stop.

“I’m your long, lost sister, Bloom!”

And the car just crashed.

“What? I don’t have a sister. Daphne is my only sister!” Bloom cried.

“No, she’s not. She sent away two young fairies from Domino that fateful day when our home world was destroyed…” The mysterious female wiped away a crystal tear from her kaleidoscope eyes.

“You’re crazy” Bloom fired off a fireball, but the mysterious and somewhat creepy woman flicked it away as if it were a mere fly.

“No, I’m not crazy. You’re my baby sister, Bloom. Daphne was the oldest, I was the middle and you were the youngest!”

“Why are you just coming to me then?” Bloom raised an eyebrow.

“I was sent away to a distant realm with no way of remembering fully what had happened that fateful day…” The older fairy said wistfully.

“Then I kept having these dreams that told me to find someone who looked like you. The dream also showed me visions of a young woman, a young child and a little baby. Daphne, me and you, Bloom…” She smiled.

“Uh-huh…” Bloom was still in doubt. “And you haven’t told me your name either?”

She giggled. “How silly of me! How could I expect to get to know my sister and she doesn’t even know my name?”

“My name is Alysyn Saskue Ruby Phoenix Raven Scarlette Hilton-Kardashian.”

Bloom’s eyes practically bulged out of her head at hearing her supposed sister’s name.

“Wh-what kind of a name is that?” Bloom whispered.

“Certainly not a Mary-Sue name, that’s for sure!” Alysyn chuckled.

“Really now?” Bloom thought.

“Now come on. We’re sisters. We share the Dragon’s Fire- and yet I’m still more powerful than you!”

Just then, a collection of evil villains who wanted their powers or revenge came up to attack them, but Alysyn flicked them all away effortlessly with a sweep of fire.


Bloom’s jaw dropped.

“Now let’s go back to Alfea and I’m sure they’ll be able to fix you up.”

“No. No way in hell am I going anywhere with you. People call me a Mary-Sue? They obviously haven’t met you!” Bloom stood up and transformed.

“Forget this! I am so out of here!” Bloom flew away as quickly as her wings could carry her.

At this, Alysyn Saskue Ruby Phoenix Raven Scarlette Bailey-Hilton sunk to the ground wailing.

“Why does everyone always abandon me?” She cried.

Yep, all the stories about Bloom’s long lost relative do get annoying after a while…

Did you like it? You can request more stories in the comments or at my email, which is

What Should We Ask Of Nick?

31 May
Dear Nick,..."

Dear Nick,…”

Hey, everyone! The Oblivious Prattler has decided on some main points to vote on! Whichever main point gets the most votes will be the main point we will all use in our letter to Nick. As I said, if we want Nick to actually get our point, we need to make the same one. So when we get finally decide our main point, please use it! The poll with the main points are below. Please vote! 🙂 Click here to see the campaign! Let’s do this, fairies!

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Winx Nick Letter Campaign

29 May
Dear Nick,..."

“Dear Nick,…”

I know all the Winx fans out there are worried about how Winx Club’s future will turn out, including me. The TV ratings and toys sales are dropping drastically. The new episodes are being postponed for weeks on end! If this continues, our precious show will be gone- forever. But there is something we can do. The Oblivious Prattler, owner of the Winx blog, Una Di Noi Winx, has suggested we mail letters to Nick regarding this matter. I completely agree. I urge you to send letters to Nick voicing your concerns as soon as possible- before it’s too late. Like OP said, in the past, fans have saved their favorite shows with these kinds of campaigns.

If you really can’t mail something, use email. But I strongly recommend using this as a last resort, for it may be seen as spam and could be deleted. I do, on the other hand, suggest you handwrite it, because it makes the recipient feel that the message is more sincere. It also takes more time to do, of course. 😛 If you don’t have time, then just type it up and print it out. The good thing about this is that it looks more professional and they might take it more seriously.

If we want Nick to pay attention, we need them to get the point. To do that, we all need to include in our message the same main point. Before we all start we should decide what that main point is. I need everyone who reads this post to comment about what that main point will be. Whichever main point I think is the best, I will put in the next post very soon so everyone can start writing! Remember, do not be rude. Instead, be respectful. Don’t blame anyone who has anything to do with the production of Winx Club!

You can send your letter to Nick’s press office. There are two, one on each coast. Here are both of the addresses:

West Coast Address:

Santa Monica Office
2600 Colorado Ave, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404

East Coast Address:

New York Office
1515 Broadway, 44th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Here is a little quote from OP:

The key to our success is critical mass. Nick can ignore a few letters, but not thousands of them. We need as many Winx fans as possible to do this!

Are you in?

Here is an extra little something. If you guys send letters to Nick, I promise I’ll make Winx Club Harmonix and Sirenix wallpapers and post them on my blog for everyone to use! Please do this for the sake of Winx! How will I know if you actually did it? Well, you can email me your whole letter! If you typed it down or emailed it, all you have to do is copy and paste! If you wrote it down, you’ll have to do a little extra work and type it up and then email it to me! But if you do this, type your letter up before you send it, or save a copy of it. You can send it to me at my email,!

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Pass It On!

24 Apr

Hello, I’m Sonic Singer, the owner of this blog! I just want to ask you a favor if you happen to stumble onto my blog. Please help me spread the publicity of Siamo Le Winx by passing this address onto your friends and asking them to pass it on to theirs. I would really appreciate this! I’ll try my best to make this the best Winx blog ever! Thank you!Image

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