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10, 800 Hits!

4 Oct

Hey, fairies! I just want to thank everyone for their support so far! We have finally made it to 10, 800 hits! Please continue to comment, like, follow, and just support this blog! And feel free to email me anything you want- news, suggestions, and even a normal email! My email is: sonicsinger1550@Gmail.com. I know that together, we can make it to Siamo Le Winx’s 1st anniversary! Thank you so much!



First Winx Craft Post Coming Soon

25 Sep

Hey, fairies! Now that I’m almost free, the first Winx craft will be coming your way soon! I have a great idea for it, but I want to keep it a secret! Here’s a hint. It’s an accessory that will definitely be beautiful and unique, but very easy to make! You’ll have something that nobody else you know has, but in a good way! 😉 I can’t wait to start posting these Winx crafts! I have so many ideas!

"I'm so excited for the Winx crafts! Maybe if I give the Winx my accesory, they'll finally let me be a Winx!" :P

“I’m so excited for the Winx crafts! Maybe if I give the Winx my accessory, they’ll finally let me officially be one of them!” 😛

Winx Nick Letter Campaign (W.N.L.C) Starts

27 Jun
Dear Nick,..."

Dear Nick,…”

Hey, Winx fans! It’s time for us to put our plan into motion, and change the future of Winx Club! There is big news! The Winx Nick Letter Campaign will start on June 30 and end on July 6! Better start firing up your pencils, computers, and laptops, because it’s time to start writing the letters to Nick! If you’re new to the campaign, check out the details here! I’ve decided that one of the main points should just be what we’re aiming for- to save Winx Club! Here are the three other main points: Air the show more consistently, change its time slot, and show reruns throughout the week. As long as your letter includes things that could make Winx Club better and save it, you’re fine! Please participate! The future of Winx Club is in our hands, Winx fans!

Sunday Funday: What Season Do You Want Winx Club To End On?

16 Jun
"Oh no! We might... END someday?!"

“Oh no! We might… END someday?!”

There’s one thing I’ve been afraid of. I’m afraid that Winx Club will end. If you asked me, “What season do you want Winx Club to end on?”, I would tell you that I never want it to end. And that’s the truth! Winx Club is absolutely my most favorite show, and I do not want it to end- ever. Some Winx fans might want it to end in, say, Season 8, but other Winx fans want it to go on even after they pass away! I know I do! But if I had to pick a reasonable season I want it to end on, I would pick Season 10, even though I know it is very hard for a cartoon to go that far. Who knows, maybe when we mail our letters to Nick and they make the show better, Winx Club will rise to its full potential and last until even Season 30! We can even include what season we would like Winx Club to end on in our letters! (Though I would suggest we make it at least past Season 15! :P) The future of Winx Club is in our hands, Winx fans!

Question: What season do you want Winx Club to end on? Why? Most of all, have fun!

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What Do You Want To See In The Future?

1 Jun

The authors of Siamo Le Winx would like to make your visits to our blog more memorable and enjoyable! We will start by releasing a poll on what kind of contests you would like to see on Siamo Le Winx! Please vote!


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