Would You Rewrite Season Five?

27 Jun

Hi everybody, When I was on Una Di Noi recently I saw some comments about rewriting season five so I decided to make my post about this. Enjoy!

If I would rewrite season five the Trix would be alone, Maybe a female villain to join them but betray them when their plan fails, Bloom would be poisoned so Roxy takes her spot. Bloom is in some mind prison where all people are scared, Bloom tries to talk to them but she gets ignored. Bloom tries to act weak so they would notice as one of their own.

Meanwhile, Roxy is fighting ghouls and she gets confronted by the female villain, Roxy recognizes her as a alfea dropout and they fight. Tecna is hacking a computer to locate the trix’s crystals, A message, a riddle shows up and the Winx have to solve the riddle. The clue is Diaspro’s Family jewel and the Winx need it or Bloom dies. Bloom jumps out of her body to take Icy’s to confront Diaspro. Bloom confronts her, Diaspro doesn’t know it’s Bloom so she gets scared, Bloom proves It’s her by talking in her voice. Bloom tells her the story, Diaspro hesitates but gives it to her.

Darcy and Stormy come fight Bloom (in Icy’s body) Diaspro gets badly hurt so Bloom decides to join Daphne and die, but before(those things that gave the Winx lovix and sophix.) give Bloom and Diaspro Sirenix so they can live and they defeat the Trix again. Bloom brings Daphne back to life.

So maybe a bit out there but I want your opinion! Comment on your idea and follow Siamo Le Winx


4 Responses to “Would You Rewrite Season Five?”

  1. sweetbreeze1tornado June 29, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    Awesome! That would’ve been great! Why didn’t I think of posting this on my blog? LOL!

  2. summerautumn June 13, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

    Yes i would rewrite it a tiny bit. Roxy’s needed to help the main six stop their witching seeing as she’s the little sister of the group (much like how Daphne is the big sister and no one seems to fight when she’s around in s6). This helps the Winx achieve Harmonix without that stupid horse. The concept is good just the execution is bad. However the 3 gems are earned by Roxy and Musa rescuing Bloom from that Shark thing (courage), Tecna convincing Aisha to stop touching the kelp because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her and instead of Stella being the one to confidently attack with a mirror, it’s Flora (because she has confidence issues) Also no stupid 3d, Andros looks like Atlantica up to 11, the infinite ocean is not seen until the movie and each wish is used. Musa uses her wish in the finale when she realizes Aisha’s in danger, she wishes that even if Tritanus does take her powers, that the curse will not affect her (why wouldn’t Musa use her wish on her bff anyway?) Roxy gets her Enchantix (she’s just a Charmix sorry believix campers) by saving Bloom when she goes to fight off Tritanus while Flora figures out how to free Aisha. (This works because Bloom’s been on Earth for so long that she’s technically one of them) Bloom does free Daphne and restore her physical form but it comes with a price, she (Bloom) like Ariel (in the original story) will have to walk as if there’s glass in the ground for the rest of her life. (Meaning she can never wear sandals or flats ever again, or go barefoot because of excruciating pain)

    • Sonic Singer July 23, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

      Haha, thanks for your inspiring thoughts! I LOVE long comments! 😀


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