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Caption Contest #4 Poll + Caption Contest #3 Winner

23 Jul

Hey, everyone! Just so you know, the poll for Caption Contest #4 is out! Vote for YOUR favorite caption, because whoever wins will be featured at the right of the blog along with their website if they want until the next Caption Contest Winner! If you missed this one, that’s okay! Another will be coming out shortly after the winner for this one is announced. If you can’t find the poll, click here!


Also, I forgot to do a post for the winner of Caption Contest #3, dancerseatcupcakes, oh-so-long-ago, but there is a page and she has been featured. 🙂


Caption Contest #2 Winner

4 Jun

Hi, everyone! I am very pleased to announce the new Caption Contest Winner! And the winner is… Laki So! Congratulations, Laki So, and better luck next time to everyone else! If you want to see further details, it is next to the page where you voted for the winner. If you still can’t find it, click here.


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