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This Winxmas…

20 Dec


Hey, fairies! I’d like to enlighten you with my tips for making this Winxmas a very special one with homemade presents! Consider this my Winxmas present to you! 😉 I suggest that you give some kind of Winx gift (since this is a Winx blog), but you can add some variations to personalize the gift! I have two ideas for you, so read on!

1. Winx Pendant
To make this gift, you’ll need a base, preferably a pendant tray, but you can also use any coin. You’ll also need Mod Podge or diamond glaze (or even hot glue!), blank photo paper, strong liquid glue, jump rings, and a necklace chain (optional). First, print out your Winx picture (or any picture you like), cut it into the shape of your base to fit, and stick it onto your base with your glue. Letting it dry, pour your Mod Podge or glaze on top of the picture until the substance forms the desirable dome shape. Let that dry, and then, if you used a coin, glue a piece of card stock the size and shape of your coin onto it, and then hot glue a jump ring onto the card stock (make sure only 1/4 of the jump ring is covered by the coin!). Then, no matter what base you are using, if you like, slide a necklace chain through the jump ring or pre-made hole (pendant tray), and voila! A finished gift! 🙂

2. Winx Beauty Supply
To create this cute gift, you’ll need a bottle of nail polish or lip gloss (either one, but if you picked the nail polish, you’ll also need a cute nail filer), a printed out Winx (or something else) picture (big enough to wrap around the nail polish/lip gloss), ribbon, and handmade tags (with any message you want). All you have to do is simply apply glue to the back of the picture and wrap it around your nail polish/lip gloss so that it sticks. Then, tie a ribbon (with your tag attached) around it. If you chose nail polish and have the cute nail filer, then make sure that when you wrap the ribbon around the bottle, it also goes around the nail filer, too. And that’s all! Easy and cute!

I hope you use these ideas as your gifts this year or next, and happy holidays! 🙂


1 Year Anniversary!

24 Apr
"It's Siamo Le Winx's 1st anniversary!"

“It’s Siamo Le Winx’s 1st anniversary!”

Hey, fairies! I am super stoked to announce that today is Siamo Le Winx’s 1st anniversary! 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year now! I am so thankful to every one of you who visit my blog, read my posts, comment, and like! Thanks for the support, you guys are the best! ❤ In celebration of this anniversary, I can tell you that you can start expecting more posts weekly now! Please comment any suggestions you have for posts, it would be much appreciated! Speaking of anniversaries, there's an awesome new Winx site set up by a fan that hasn't had one yet! So go and check out http://winxgirlclub.webs.com/ now! I am really looking forward to future anniversaries, with all of you! <3<3<3!

Question: What is your favorite part/memory of this blog? What things should I keep doing, add, or remove? Give me all your ideas!

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Diaspro: Princess Or King’s Liaison?

14 Jun


There’s been something that’s been bothering me the whole season. In the first few seasons of Winx Club, Diaspro was introduced as Princess Diaspro. But lately, I’ve noticed that she is being called a King’s Liaison. So is Diaspro a princess or not? If she is, what business would she have being the King’s Liason? Other than getting between Bloom and Sky, of course. 😛

I do not think a princess would have any interest in being a King’s Liaison. Though if Diaspro really wants to break up Bloom and Sky, then it would make sense. For her. But I have really thought about it, and I think there’s another, more reasonable explanation. Nick simply wants to change her story more than they need to. I mean, they should know that they’ll make everyone confused about whether Diaspro is a princess or not when they call her King’s Liaison! They should at least make it clear! Then again, maybe they wanted to re-introduce her to stir up some drama between Bloom and Sky, and they couldn’t think of anything to do with her as a princess, so they turn her into a King’s Liaison! I don’t know, I’m all out of ideas! I think we should ask Nick about the whole Diaspro being a princess or King’s Liaison matter in our letters to them. Then, we wouldn’t have to be wondering if Diaspro is actually royalty. Who knows, maybe she really is that crazy, and is willing to go from princess, to the lower level of King’s Liaison to get between Bloom and Sky. It’s possible!

Question: Do you think Diaspro is a princess, King’s Liaison, or both? Why do you think she is being called King’s Liaison this season? Please comment! We appreciate your support!

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