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Siamo Le Winx Is Searching For Another Co-Author!

25 Oct
Stella: "I've made up my mind! We need another co-author!"

Stella: “I’ve made up my mind! We need another co-author!”

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to inform you that Siamo Le Winx is searching for a second co-author, the first being Maggie(Saffron). If you are interested, comment below or email me an application in the form of a letter telling me why you want to become a co-author of Siamo Le Winx and why I should hire you. Remember, my email is sonicsinger1550@Gmail.com! You should be able to post at least once a week and take over for me if I’m busy. Please note that you should be able to write creative and fresh Winx posts. Please don’t copy things from other site without linking back or asking their permission first! If you need an example of the format I’m looking for, check out Saffron’s application!

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Lyrics To “One To One”

6 Jun

Hey, fairies! Are you excited? You should be! It took awhile, but I’ve got all the lyrics to the Winx song, “One to One”, the song Riven wrote for Musa! People have been emailing me about these lyrics, so I decided to make a post on them. As you should’ve noticed by now, a video of the song is included beneath the picture. The video was posted by awesome YouTube poster, InabluMovies! I’m pretty sure there aren’t any mistakes, but if there are, comment about it, or email it to me at sonicsinger1550@Gmail.com. You can also contact Siamo Le Winx’s other author, Maggie, at starlightmiri@yahoo.com! Please continue to support Siamo Le Winx! Enjoy! 🙂



I can hear your song like a secret story,

I can hear your heart you don’t have to worry

Girl, you’re not alone,

You’ll make it through

‘Cause you know, you know, that I play for you


I never thought that I needed to be rescued

Singing by myself,

How did my voice find you?

Now, you’re here, it’s clear

I know that my song was meant for two


I’ve tried to hide it every day,

‘Cause deep inside I’ve been so afraid


But all you have to do is say my name

It melts away,

So let’s stay

One to one, it’s the sweetest music

Drum one beat, and we’ll never lose it

Stronger side by side,

Yeah we’re better in harmony-ny

It’s you and me only

One to one, singing through the static

Feel so right,

We’re like automatic

Walls are coming down to the sound of our melody-dy


I know I belong with you,

Your music sets me free

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