FanFiction – Musa Missing Chapter 1: Morning of Mystery

26 Jul
Hey, Siamo Le Winxers! I think now’s a good time to start posting fanfics! Let’s start with “Musa Missing”, written by Abi Morgan Musa Flora Tecna.
Musa lost her mother at a young age. But when her mother comes in her dreams and tells her the secret to bring loved ones back, everything changes!


Chapter One: Morning of Mystery

Musa’s point of view
It’s 6:30, I sigh as I peer at the crimson sunrise. My roommate, Tecna, is breathing deeply from across the room. I swing my legs off the bed and pull out an old photo from under my pillow. It is of my mum and me when I was little.
“Oh, mom,” I sigh, as Flora stumbles into the room, rubbing her eyes.
“Are you OK?” asks Flora, with a concerned look on her face.
“Yeah, just missing mom,” I say, with a grimace on my face.
“I’m going to grab a bite, want something?” the nature fairy quotes.
“Nah, I’m going to Melody today, I’ll get something there,” I shrug, as Flora leaves. I didn’t tell her about the nightmare, yet she is my friend.
Mom: “Musa, Musa, come to me, my sweet daughter,”
Me: “Mom, is it really you?”
Mom: “Yes, dearest Musa, it is me. I have found a way for us to be together again,”
Me: “Really! I’ll do anything… MOM!”
End of Flashback
Oh, I need to tell someone. I walk over to my roommate’s bed and shake her harshly.
“Tecna, Tecna WAKE UP!” I yell, as my best friend sits up suddnely.
“What is it, Musa?” The technology fairy questions, as I withdraw my arm from her shoulder.
“Just a nightmare,” I muttered wearily.
“Here, tell me about it,” My best friend gestures to the bed and pulls out her phone.


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