The Legendarium Plot (Re-post)

17 Jul

Hi, this is Sweetbreeze Tornado, from WinxBiz, and I’ve had the honour to become a co-author of this blog. Since Sonic Singer’s taking a “summer off” and Saffron/Maggie and winxharmonix1 haven’t posted lately, I would like to re-post what I have said on the WinxBiz Forum, just to keep you visitors from being bored here. 😛 Here is what I have said:


Anyone like the Legendarium plot this season? I do, but it’s kind of really repetitive.
-Selina summons creatures from Legendarium to fight the Winx.
-Winx fight said creature.
-Winx ask Daphne for help.
-Winx defeat said creature.
-Winx reconcile.Honestly, it’s really great and all, but we fans would call it “repetitive”. Yes, there were some differences every time, but the “base” of the sequences are the same. Couldn’t they have gotten rid of sequence numbers 3 and 5 for some so it doesn’t seem like the Winx lack knowledge or act like children? They’re in their 20s!

Question: What about you? What do YOU think of this whole Legendarium plot?


the legendarium plot

Image source: WinxBiz Forums

2 Responses to “The Legendarium Plot (Re-post)”

  1. Saffron July 19, 2014 at 6:50 am #

    Kinda think they like doing this, and it’s sort of “clichéd”. I mean, Winx are all about, especially that almost every show does this. It’s called “monster of the week”.

    • Sweetbreeze Tornado July 24, 2014 at 10:25 pm #

      Yes, but they don’t have to make it THAT repetitive. I mean, it would make it too obvious and “predictable”, if that’s the word.

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