Phoenix Horoscope

23 Mar

Wishing a happy birthday to all Phoenixes! You know that you’re one if you’re born from March 11-April 2! This is the first horoscope I have posted for this year, and there will be more to come! Continue reading to get your horoscope, Phoenixes!


11 Mar/ 2 Apr

Magical birthday! Happy birthday! Celebrate your special day with a magical party with your friends!

Aisha suggests: Why don’t you organize a picnic?

ico_amore(Love) = 4 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 3 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 3 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 3 Stars

Hope you liked the Phoenix horoscope! Check next month for your next horoscope, especially if it’s your turn next! 🙂


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