Nereid Horoscope

13 Sep

Hey, fairies! Time for the next horoscope, this one is for… wait for it… Nereids! Here’s how you know if you’re a Nereid. If you were born from September 11 to October 2, you are a Nereid! Happy birthday to all you Nereids! Here’s your horoscope!


11 Sep/ 2 Oct

Doing great! You recovered your energy and good mood. They’ll be with you for a long time.

Stella suggests: Tell jokes to your friends, you’ll be very successful!

ico_amore(Love) = 3 Stars

ico_amici(Friends) = 5 Stars

ico_famiglia(Family) = 5 Stars

ico_studio(Study) = 3 Stars

Check back near October 3 for the next Winx Club horoscope!


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