Limited Edition Deluxe Jakks Pacific Daphne Doll

1 Jul

Another Winx doll has been released! What character, you ask? Well, she’s Bloom’s older sister, and she’s an extremely powerful nymph. That’s right! It’s Princess Daphne, heir to the throne of Domino! (The credit for sharing the news about this new doll first goes to Michael’s Winx Club!) This beautiful doll can be purchased at Toys “R” Us for $29.99! It will not be available for purchase online until July 18, though. She has a bright, stylish orange gown and gorgeous glittery golden wings! Of course, her signature accessory can’t be missing! Her signature golden mask finishes the doll! Plenty of Winx fans, including me, have been asking for a Daphne doll, and now it’s here!



Question: What other character(s) in Winx Club do you want Jakks to make a doll of? Are you going to buy the Daphne doll? Do you think Daphne’s doll is a good representation of her? What do you think of the doll?

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