Winx Love Song

15 May

Can you think of a love song another Specialist can make for his girlfriend? In season 5, episode 23, “The Shark’s Eye”, Riven shows his love for Musa by making and singing a love song for her. She was delighted, and all her doubts about his devotion to her slowly faded away as she sang with him. Just a thought, but how did she know the words to Riven’s song? 😛 She didn’t even know he was making it! I guess she made up the words on the spot. I personally thought Riven’s idea was so romantic, but it stirred up a little trouble, with Musa believing he was seeing another girl.

Isn't that sweet? :)

Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

Question: Which other Specialist do you think would write a song for one their girlfriend in the Winx? If they didn’t write a love song, what would they write or do to make something special for their girlfriend? Comment below! If it is a poem, song, etc., write some of the lyrics and the title! Remember to name the Specialist!

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