Caption Contest #1 Poll

15 May

Hi everyone! Like I said, today is the day the Caption Contest ends! So it’s time to vote! Below are the entries of the contestants for this picture:


I think bloom said: I don’t like u guys joke,and the classroom was so loud. Mad girl said:Why don’t u listen to me! Flying girl said: da,da,da. and ………….. idk

Laki So
Class time…
Everyone is fighting and yelling…
Roxy sighs and and says, ” When will these people stop?!”

This is detention.
Marzia is putting a bomb on Professor DuFour’s hat while saying, “HA HA HA!” in a wicked manner.
Professor DuFour is screaming, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
Clarice whispers to Roxy ,”You think you are one of the Winx, but you are just a normal person!”
Orange hair girl says, “You will never finish your work, HERE!”
Roxy says, ” Seriously?”

HungerGames fan
Roxy:” This class is so boring. -not noticing whats going behind her-
Marzia:- trying to put a bomb inside her clothes-
The Professer: ” I TOLD YOU TO SMELL MY FEET!!!?!?!?!”

Mary Gal
Roxy whispering: ” this is so annoying”
Professor DuFour: “QUIET!!!”
Marzia: “BLEHHHHHHH!!!!!” She is very annoyed with the professor so she decided to put a bomb in her hat.

the people have been enchanted and are going crazy mean while roxy is tired of their childish ways people are yelling at each other too.there is also no teacher there to stop them.there are also pets jumping around. and there is a sign on roxys desk that says issue #18.

Vote for your favorite caption in the poll below!


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