Daphne Is Way Prettier And Nicer Than Bloom

7 May

I think that Daphne is way prettier than Bloom. She also acts much nicer also, don’t you think? Do you see the pictures below? Who do you think is prettier? Not to be biased, of course. 🙂 It’s a sister to sister beauty contest!


Beautiful Daphne

Plain Old Bloom

Plain Old Bloom

I mean, the way Bloom acts annoys me sometimes! In the end, she always saves the day, no matter what! And just because she is the Fairy of Dragon Flame, the strongest fairy! She can’t be the leader and main character just because of that! She even stole the role of lead singer from Musa! How is that fair? It’s not, right? I know you are outraged by now, everyone. I’m sorry Bloom fans, but your Bloom is less than popular right now. (I know this was all a little off topic. Sorry!)

Question: How do you feel about Bloom? Also, is Daphne prettier and nicer, or Bloom?


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