Tecna And Musa McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Review

5 May

I just bought the Tecna and Musa Happy Meal toys- and the last ones at that! I called the McDonald’s near me day and night until they got these two particular toys, and I almost didn’t get them! My sister and I got the last Tecna and Musa our McDonald’s had. Lucky, huh? Tecna is number 5 and Musa is number 6! They are the last two dolls in the toy collection! Pictures of our actual toys are below, taken by me!

Tecna (Front)

Tecna (Front)

Musa (Front)

Musa (Front)

Aren’t they awesome? 🙂 There are a few flaws though. First of all, the wings fall off very easily. Second of all, there is no articulation and you can’t move any part of the toy at all! Third of all, they are TINY! They are only about 3 inches tall and 1 1/2 centimeters wide! Fourth of all, they CANNOT stand without leaning on something. This next flaw only applies to Tecna. As you can kind of see below, the bracelet cannot connect to Tecna. It can only hang on the back of her head or be squeezed right around the wings. It is really hard to do the latter, though. In the picture below, the bracelet is hanging on the back of her head because I couldn’t manage to get it to go around the wings without the wings falling off. 😛

Tecna (Back) Can You See The Place Where The Bracelet is Hanging?

Tecna (Back)
Can You See The Place Where The Bracelet is Hanging?

I just saw another major flaw in both the toys. When you are looking at the front of the toys, you can’t really see the wing design, like in the two front pictures of Musa And Tecna. The thing is, the design can only be fully seen in the back, like in the Tecna picture directly above and the Musa picture below.

Musa (Back)

Musa (Back)

When the wings turn into accesories though, they are very fashionable. You can see what I mean below. 🙂

Tecna Wing Bracelet (So Cute!)

Tecna Wing Bracelet
(So Cute!)

Musa Wing Clip (Beautiful!)

Musa Wing Clip

I would probably rate one of these toys 4 1/2 stars, since I have to admit, they do have some small mistakes. They are still almost rated 5 stars by me because even with their flaws, I am so pleased with them! I love them!

Question: How many stars would you rate one of these Winx Happy Meal toys, based on this review or your own toy? If you have a toy in this collection, do you see any other flaws I have not seen or stated? If so, tell me by commenting below!


One Response to “Tecna And Musa McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Review”

  1. Maggie May 29, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    i like them. They look typical Mcdee quality but like them too bad they are gone.

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