The Problems of Love

26 Apr

Bloom & Sky: They’re letting politics get between them! Also that despicable Diaspora… Image

Flora & Helia: Helia’s the problem. This is the question. Flora or Krystal? He can only be with one girl. The sweet, beautiful Flora, or the proud, royal Princess Krystal?Image

Layla & Nabu: Nabu’s in a coma and Layla’s depressed. To save this relationship, Nabu must come out of the coma soon. Will Layla use her Sirenix Wish to do so?
Tecna & Timmy: Well, Tecna and Timmy have no problems. Good thing huh? 🙂
Stella & Brandon: Stella and Brandon are also getting along just fine!
Musa & Riven: One minute they’re getting along fine, and then the next… And what’s up with that blonde girl Riven’s usually with these days? You’d better explain soon Riven, or this relationship is GONE.

I know, so much drama, right? 🙂

Sorry everyone! I keep forgetting to record whose picture I use! So if I’ve used ANY of your pics on my blog, contact me at my email,, or just comment so I can credit you for them. Sorry for any inconvenience!


One Response to “The Problems of Love”

  1. summerautumn December 14, 2015 at 8:31 pm #

    Actually it’s this now
    Layla/Nex difficult adjustments on both ends but cute as long as Aisha’s happy i’m happy. Note: Nabu’s death will likely be discussed at some point but it will be offscreen as we don’t necessarily need to know what Nex thinks about it, he’s perfectly happy challenging Aisha to sports,plus the banter is funny when that happens.
    Bloom/Sky: Note to Bloom: never get involved in politics, Sky has no choice, you’re an adopted Earthling, use your earthiness to your advantage like Roxy you dummy. Sky’s even told you that before. Note to Sky: Get a restraining order on that gem toting witch!
    Tecna/Timmy: Adorkable
    Stella/Brandon: How cute princess and her knight in shining armor.
    Flora/Helia: Well we know that both parties aren’t as perfect as we thought Helia making a few mistakes is causing Flora to have anger issues toward him in season 7, even though he goes back to being more perfect than Sky and Bloom combined once things are resolved.
    Musa/Riven shorten it to Muri and you get the Japanese word for impossible which describes them to a tee, sorry, i know you’re pro-Riven but that relationship is unhealthy. Musa’s much happier single, but if she has to have a guy I suggest giving Jared or Andy a call. Preferably Jared. It seems like Rainbow might have planned for Jared all along though if you think about it we only had four actually three devoted couples at the point (Flora/Helia didn’t start until the end of season 2 and Layla seemed quite into Sky before he asked Bloom to be his girl yet she was content single) Jared was introduced. Riven was always just sorta there, no matter if he was with Darcy or Musa (although i approve of him with Darcy more than Musa but don’t think he belongs with either, maybe a minor girl would be best suited for him) yet when Jared was introduced we see Musa’s ideal guy, forget the fact he looks like a male version of her but with hazel eyes for a minute and let’s analyze his traits. We know he’s a specialist but he treats Musa with respect and thinks anything she says about her problems are important, he also has the advantage of the pen which can persuade the Winx potential allies to help them rather than the sword (which is powerful,but the pen is most powerful), he even took time to get things Musa actually likes, and openly kissed her, something that I highly doubt Riven would do without feeling wierd later. Also in season 5, Alice from season 2 who’s supposed to be Jared’s love isn’t seen with him in his two cameos at the volleyball match and concert on Andros, it clearly wasn’t meant to go anywhere. Also his specialist color, purple-that’s Musa’s accent color, another Musa match, Riven’s gem never was any color that went with Musa’s (being fuchsia, not really a shade Musa wears, magenta is her ideal pink because it’s still reddish,but slightly lighter yet she prefers red) and all guys wear a color that’s somehow related to their girls (Soft Green is Stella’s favorite color:Brandon, Yellow is compliment of Tecna’s purple:Timmy, Bloom has light Blue:Sky, spring green was Layla’s old color:Roy/turquoise is her current color:Nex, Gold is Daphne’s original color:Thoren, a good deal of flowers are orange:helia). This means Jared and Musa are supposed to be together and Tune didn’t know it, seeing as love isn’t her department, it’s Amore’s. He was likely just being cordial to Alice and figured he would wait for Musa when she was ready to realize that Stella was infact right, he just wants her to say that she likes him-remember at the end of Win-X/Truth or Dare Musa blushed, i think she likes him but was afraid that if she didn’t date Riven he would hurt her, look how that turned out… time to call Jared.

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